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Headfonics gives a sweet run down of the our Lyra:

“If you check out the Lyra constellation in any astrological map then you might be looking at the approximate form factor of the Lyra IEM itself. It isn’t a million miles away from an IEM shape. Constructed of high density ceramics it looks sturdy, well made and importantly scratch resistant but a bit of a fingerprint magnet. The contours are smooth and the overall size is not the tiniest but I would still class this as small. It’s a comfortable looking earphone just from the feel of it in your hand.”

“I do have to mention the case again in more detail as it is really rather excellent and not just to look at either. It’s spacious enough for a good size IEM and cable and it is semi stiffened with a nice leather finish in a rustic tan color. It feels the right size in the hand and looks classy and durable. I have a ton of Peli cases, Otter boxes and the usual pill size boxes and next to the Campfire Lyra hard case they look lifeless. The real ‘ahh’ moment is when you zip it open to reveal a quality fur lined interior. It has shades of Gene Hunt, Huggy Bear and those fur collared coats I was made to wear in the early 80’s. Its retro, niche and I want to store my Sex Panther cologne in it. In the future all IEM cases will be made like this (I hope).”

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-Campfire Audio

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