Custom Fit In Ear Monitors (CIEM) – Getting Your Impressions

Making a proper set of impressions is the first and most critical step to ensure the best fit/seal for your custom IEMS.

Please copy the following impression checklist and give it to an audiologist before they make your impressions.

According to Campfire Audio specifications, the impressions must be:

– Full shell impressions clearly include the helix, crus of helix, tragus, and anti-tragus (with no large holes in the concha).


– Made from high viscosity silicone (no powder/liquid impressions), or .stl file format if taken digitally


– Extended to the second bend of the canal open-mouth impressions (using a bite block).


If you already have impressions, but they are older than 2 years ago, we recommend making new impressions due to the nature of the material and the natural changing of your ear shape over time.


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