“Campfire Audio Polaris: V for Victory”

From B9Scrambler published on Head-fi.org and his own audio blog “thecontraptionsit”:

“The artwork on the Polaris’ packaging is stunning in it’s simplicity, and entirely coherent with the brands celestial naming scheme. The front of the small, blue cardboard box is adorned with a sticked announcing the Polaris is contained within. The background is a swirling mass that looks like it was inspired by a viscous oil and water mixture. The rear has a beautiful hand drawn scene of a mountain with trees at it’s base and constellations above with Campfire Audio placed dead centre in a somewhat faded text. It’s all very simple in execution, but the artistry is engaging to say the least. Oh, and when you flip the lid and look on the inner flap you see “Nicely Done”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

“As you move up the rung from budget to high end products, neutrality or the next closest thing seems to be what everyone hunts for. Things get serious. Big bass is frowned upon and you’re made to feel guilty if you enjoy it, and v-shaped signatures are indicative of a poorly tuned product not worthy of the price. Still, say that’s what you want along with those other qualities that make a premium product worthy of the title. That’s where something like the Polaris comes in. This isn’t a neutral earphone. The Polaris takes your average “consumer friendly” tune and imbues it with the level of technical proficiency you want from a top tier earphone.”

Read his full Polaris review here: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/campfire-audio-polaris.22663/reviews#review-19470

or here: https://thecontraptionist.blog/2017/11/20/campfire-audio-polaris/

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