Product Warranty

Campfire Audio earphones and cables are now covered by a 2 year limited warranty from the date of delivery against defects in manufacture and assembly.

A Message Concerning Product Service

“We will service any Campfire Audio IEM for the life of the product regardless of the warranty listed.”

“So for instance if a truck runs over your IEM we will repair or replace them for parts cost and shop time for the repair. (proof of purchase required)”

“Also just because the shells are aluminum BA drivers are incredibly delicate, can and will be damaged if you drop them on a hard surface, submerge them in liquid or generally abuse them. We do not lay claim that they are indestructible and they should be cared for like a high end camera or other fine electronic device.”


Ken Ball

Warranty Service Request Form

Is your product under warranty?  Is there something wrong with it?
Please fill out the form below and we’ll be glad to help.
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Payments for Product Service

We are always happy to help support your Campfire Audio product, regardless of where or when you made the purchase.  

Please first fill out the form at the top of this page to help us process your request. 

Occasionally repairs may be possible, but may not be covered under our product warranty.  When this happens we will let you know before we proceed with any work.

If you need to make a payment for such a service, please follow the link:

—->Service Payment Form<—