Marshmallow Foam Tips (Red+Blue)

Red + Blue memory foam earphone tips.

16 customer reviews


marshmallow foam tips red blue

Red + Blue memory foam earphone tips.

This is much more helpful than you might first think.  Quickly identify Right (Red) and Left (Blue) when time is critical.

16 reviews for Marshmallow Foam Tips (Red+Blue)

  1. Don (verified owner)

    Good tips for others I’m sure. Foam is to firm for my ears causing pain :-( If the standard black tips that come with your C/A IEMS fit you, then these will fit too and look kewl.

  2. Jisu Kim (verified owner)

    Have White Andromedas and man, do these look AMAZING and sound amazing too! Brings down the highs just a tad while bringing the bass up making the Andromedas shine like crazy!

  3. Sean (verified owner)

    I needed some new tips for my Vega’s and these work great. A blue for the left and red for the right. Simple as that.

  4. Preston Granger (verified owner)

    Comfy, isolating, lasting. The only tips I use anymore.

  5. Tim (verified owner)

    These marshmallow tips are great simply for identifying the left and right sides easily. Plus they look cool! The openings seem a tiny bit smaller than the black, standard marshmallows and seem softer to me. This doesn’t affect the sound and I prefer this material more. You receive 3 pairs so I shouldn’t have to order more for a long time. Thanks!

  6. brnstrmr (verified owner)

    These are super helpful and somehow way more comfortable than the stock foamies. They might be the most comfortable tips I’ve ever used.

  7. Brian Doherty (verified owner)

    I don’t normally use foam tips, but these have a shape that works well for me. Note, though, that at least for me the Medium was too big and I had to re-order. Then the Small when they arrived worked very well. I have always used M tips before this, even across different brands and different tip materials.

  8. aimpellize (verified owner)

    I have several pairs of Campfire Audio IEM’s, and I needed some replacement tips. I ordered the small size and they fit my ears perfectly, maybe just a tad bite shorter in size to the ones that come in the package, but I still get the same great sound. I wish I’ve known of these sooner, so simple, red on the right blue on the left, can’t get simpler then that !!!. And the service from Campfire was fantastic as always.

  9. Fabio (verified owner)

    These tips are really soft and nice. I personally like the small size since they fit me better, and they have quite a nice seal, which is nice in noisy environments. The colors are an added bonus and they let me identify right and left quickly without much thought. They sound great and are just in general a great investment for iems. 10/10

  10. Spencer (verified owner)


    I have small ears and the small size fit amazingly! They seal well, and hold well when walking. The foam is soft enough to form, but dense enough to hold it’s shape. To put it bluntly, these are excellent and I would recommend them to anyone.

  11. KB (verified owner)

    Too soft for me. While I like color code, I prefer a firmer yet malleable tip. I prefer tips made by comply.

  12. gianmaria offredi (verified owner)

    i put 3 stars only because the size large i’ve bought is not big enought.
    It’s a shame, because the product is really good and well made but even the bigger size do not close my large ear canals and i can’t benefit the proper isolation that i need.

  13. MP (verified owner)

    Very comfortable in the ear. Great seal. The blue/red combo is great for quick identification between L/R.

  14. Sal (verified owner)

    Best tips in the market, worth every penny.

  15. Peter Harcsa (verified owner)

    The BEST foam tips I’ve found for my Andromeda 2020, bar none! Even better than Comply’s, which surprised me! I like these better than the regular marshmallow tips, the Red/Blue coloring you may not think makes much difference, or you may think looks ugly, but it does make it way easier to “just grab and pop ’em in” and it doesn’t wreck the look of your wonderful IEM’s. In fact, I think it enhances them if anything!

    I got the smalls and the mediums at the same time, to test which ones fit best. My canals are small, and I figured the mediums would be too big, but what the heck I thought… I was so glad I bought both! The smalls are great for longer listening sessions, they are super comfortable in the ears, I can wear them for unlimited hours, but I have to keep adjusting the headphones because even with my small canals, they move around. I’m rolling them properly and letting them expand, but still…

    The mediums on the other hand are a dream for music quality as well as keeping headphones exactly where you want them! They’ll stay put when your running, shovelling snow or exercising, and the sound quality is noticeably enhanced from the nozzles staying put close to your ear drums. Bass in much enhanced from the seal, they breathe enough that there’s no heat issue or pressure buildup, only problem with my small canals is that the mediums are a bit too big, and after a few hours i need a break.

    I can’t fault Campfire for that though. It would be amazing if they made them in more sizes with intermediate sizes, like S,S/M,M,M/L,L in order to better accommodate customers with all different size ear canals. With silicone it matters way less since it will bend and flex, but with foam over the hours it matters more… Take this suggestion to heart, Campfire!

  16. Mike R (verified owner)

    Small fits nicely for my small ears. I like these better than Comply. These are a bit softer and more comfortable. We will see how long they last, though. The red and blue are a really great idea.

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