SXC 8 IEM Cable

A true high-fidelity earphone cable.
8 Silver-Plated Copper Conductors
Durable FEP Jacket
53in/135cm (MMCX)
49in/124cm (2-pin)

7 customer reviews


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8 Conductors of Awesome Sound

ALOaudio’s SXC8 redesigned for IEMs.

Silver-plated high purity copper wire is at the heart of the eight fine-stranded 22 AWG conductors. Each conductor is custom annealed to an extra soft temper.

The SXC 8 IEM cable comes jacketed in durable FEP for exceptional resistance to discoloration. The FEP jacket produces a cable with a supple feel, unlike other silver plated or even pure silver cables.

Each cable features our reference type 8 wire weave – a stereo symmetrical design with opposing currents. This weave design lends itself to a more open sonic signature and delivers the perfect blend of detail and clarity.

Questions and answers of the customers

    Are the wires and their FEP jacketing used in this IEM version of the SXC the same as the wires and jacketing used on the headphone SXC cabl... Read more
  1. 0 votes
    Q Are the wires and their FEP jacketing used in this IEM version of the SXC the same as the wires a...... Read more answer now
    Asked on May 23, 2022 6:47 pm


    Both SXC 8 versions use the same wire gauge and jacketing, the only difference is their connector type. Thanks!

  2. Is this cable good with Andromeda 2020? If not, which cable is the best for Andromeda 2020?
  3. 0 votes
    Q Is this cable good with Andromeda 2020? If not, which cable is the best for Andromeda 2020? answer now
    Asked on May 20, 2022 9:00 pm


    This cable will work well with Andromeda 2020, and provide better resolution across the board vs. the stock cable that comes w... Read more

  4. Is there an option to get the 4.4 mm end in an elbow or "L" configuration? Specifically on the SXC-8 IEM,but also on all the rest of your ca... Read more
  5. 1 vote
    Q Is there an option to get the 4.4 mm end in an elbow or "L" configuration? Specifically on the SX...... Read more answer now
    Asked on April 10, 2021 3:58 am

    Hi! We do not currently offer the option to get the 4.4mm termination in a right-angle configuration on our cables. We do, however, offer... Read more

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7 reviews for SXC 8 IEM Cable

  1. gnahra (verified owner)

    Using with a Solaris 2020; clear upgrade in sound vs the super smoky Litz, particularly around punchier sub-bass with more rumble, as well as crisper, clearer treble. Mids seem like a wash to me. Cable is a bit microphonic when not listening to music (no sound I notice when music is playing), and ergonomics take a bit getting used to since it’s so thick. But overall an excellent upgrade and great value.

  2. Chase Deso (verified owner)

    I bought this for my Solaris 2020s, which I’ve had for a year, and have hundreds of hours of use. Overall I agree with the above review, especially when it comes to the bass, obvious improvement in the depth and punch. This is the first time I’ve bought a cable upgrade for headphones (as I always assumed the difference would be minimal, if even noticeable) and I was really surprised. The difference in sound was obvious. Overall for me the most noticeable change was in the sound stage. The SXC 8 made it wider and added depth. Overall a purchase I would make again in a heartbeat.

  3. Marz (verified owner)

    Great sound with Solaris 2020, more details better bass. The trade off is weight and stiffness. I took out the memory wire, and made a paracord slider to keep the left and right cables closer to my neck. Otherwise, the Solaris would not stay in my ears.
    I have other IEM’s for portable listening, so using the SXC 8 for serious listening, aka sitting still, is okay for me.

  4. Marz (verified owner)

    It’s expensive, heavy, thick, and stiff. I pulled the memory wire out right away, then added a paracord slider. I did these two mods because my Solaris 2020 would not stay in my ears. The slider keeps the cable from turning away from behind my ears. Removing the memory wire allows the cable to lay over my ears.
    I was a little disappointed in the Solaris 2020, before getting the SXC 8 cable. The SXC 8 has more detail and clarity, soundstage and instrument separation is also improved.

  5. Maurice McKie (verified owner)

    First Impressions
    I haven’t had these cables long enough to make a full review, however my first impressions are WOW. I use them with my Weston W80 v3 earphones with a iPhone 13pro. So far it’s easy to hear the expanded depth of sound. I have the first pair of W80’s as well and have tried the cables on both pair and to my ear, they sound better with the v3. The cables are heavy and it takes a while to adjust them so they don’t pull my earphones out of my ears. With no music playing, I can hear the cable against my clothes, but not at all with music playing. As good as they sound, I’m still questioning my decision, as I also have Reference 8 Cable.

  6. Tom Andries

    I second the opinions expressed before: music quality seems OK (Supermoon are excellent, anyway) using this cable, but I’m disappointed by the impractical stiffness, picking up sounds at the slightest bump against my desk, and the lack of a paracord slider making these uncomfortable to wear.
    The impractical aspects caused me to look for another cable, as I prefer not playing with the mmcx connections too much. These are best for couch listening (the Supermoon being that excellent, “unconcentrated” listening is almost a sin: letting beauty go by unnoticed)

  7. Peter Harcsa

    Using these with an Andromeda 2020, got it with a balanced 4.4mm end. The upgrade in sound quality is substantial! I know most people don’t believe cables make a difference in sound quality, but they most certainly do. Your analog signals are affected by interference, and most especially by the resistance of the cable they pass through;

    This cable is special. It is a thick cable, but that’s because it has TWICE the number of conductors of your Super Litz Cables! So compared to a Super Litz cable the SXC 8 has 1/4 the resistance, and 1/16 the resistance of a regular Smoky Litz cable! Now tell me that has no impact on sound quality!

    Bass is more pronounced, treble is sparkling, mids are clear and come through strong, overall, except for some minor microphonics (unavoidable with this thickness, but inaudible when even soft music is playing), this is THE cable to have if you want the absolute best quality of sound!

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