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May 24, 2016


“The galaxy of Andromeda – a constellation of coherency and harmony!” –

Andromeda / Review

Review of Andromeda up now on


“I learned my lesson not to label any IEM/CIEM as the endgame headphones, because every time I think I found one – another review pair gets into my hands/ears and I have to eat my own words.  One thing for sure, CFA Andromeda was the biggest surprise for me so far in 2016, and it will be a tough act to follow.  With its warm, smooth, revealing tonality and a perfectly balanced sound signature, including the holographic soundstage expansion, Andromeda didn’t just get a checkmark next to all of my personal sound preferences, it quickly got to the top of my favorite in-ear monitors list.”

Excellent review featuring a very detailed analysis of the sonic signature of the Andromeda and comparisons to other flagship models.

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