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Our 8.5mm non-crystalline diamond dynamic driver paired with a unique liquid metal alloy housing flawlessly conveys high fidelity music.

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Pure Dynamics

Integrating a custom 8.5mm non-crystalline Diamond transducer into a Liquid Alloy Metal enclosure is a powerful combination. The synergy here is pretty spectacular.

The Vega flawlessly conveys recorded sound–sparkling high frequency extension, slightly forward and engaging mids, and deep, powerful bass response. A sound, free from grain and harshness.

Vega in ear monitor

Pure Dynamic Sound

Integrating a custom 8.5mm non-crystalline Diamond transducer into a Liquid Alloy Metal enclosure is a powerful combination. The synergy here is pretty spectacular.

The Vega flawlessly conveys recorded sound–sparkling high-frequency extension, slightly forward and engaging mids, and deep, powerful bass response. A sound, free from grain and harshness.

A.D.L.C. Diaphragm

Campfire Audio is proud to be the first company to use a revolutionary breakthrough speaker technology implemented exclusively for in-ear monitors, a non-crystalline diamond dynamic driver.

Our revolutionary ADLC non-crystalline diamond-carbon material is sonically remarkable in our 8.5mm driver. The ADLC delivers stunning clarity, advanced micro detail, and dynamics.

Vega in ear monitor

Liquid Alloy Metal Body

Ultra high density, remarkable mechanical strength, and excellent acoustic properties compelled us to utilize Liquid Alloy Metal with our updated dynamic driver line.

Vega in ear monitor

Liquid Alloy Metal Body

Ultra high density, remarkable mechanical strength, and excellent acoustic properties compelled us to utilize Liquid Alloy Metal with our updated dynamic driver line.

Neodymium Power

Neodymium rare earth magnets, the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available are utilized in Vega’s dynamic driver.

This powerful and compact magnet ( 3.8mm x 1.2mm x 1.3mm) provides the magnetic field for the voice coil’s operation.

Vega by Campfire Audio

What People Are Saying…


Super Durable Finish

Vega is offered with a PVD ‘Clear Sky’ finish. This visually appealing and long lasting finish keeps your Vega looking great for years to come.

Extra Strong MMCX

Our custom Beryllium Copper MMCX eliminates the traditional shortcomings of the connection and harnesses all of its benefits. Beryllium Copper provides a robust mating mechanism; one that is typcially made from soft brass. This selection of a harder material extends the life of component and the earphone.

Individually Inspected

Close attention to detail is critical to delivering you the superior musical experience from our earphones. We test and pair each individual earphone, Left and Right, to establish its conformity to our firmly established tuning and performance criteria. The result is a pair of earphones made for each other that you can feel good about.

Technical Specifications


5Hz–22 kHz Frequency Response

102 dB SPL/mW Sensitivity

17.5 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance


Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections

Liquid Alloy Metal Shell

Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon Diaphram Dynamic Driver

Included Accessories

Black Case by Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio Textured Black Earphone Case

Litz Cable

Campfire Audio Litz Cable – Silver Plated Copper Conductors with Berylium Copper MMCX and 3.5mm Stereo Plug

Final Audio Tips (xs/s/m/l/xl) – Campfire Audio Earphone Tips(s/m/l) – Silicon Earphone Tips (s/m/l) – Campfire Audio Lapel Pin – Cleaning Tool

Packaging Details

Authentic Campfire Audio Earphone Packaging

USA Made “French Paper Company” Paper

Printed Locally in Portland, Oregon USA

Authentic Warranty Number Sticker – Matches Interior Warranty Card


Questions and answers of the customers

    Do you offer any type of trial period (IE: 30 day money back guarantee or similar?)
  1. 0 votes
    Q Do you offer any type of trial period (IE: 30 day money back guarantee or similar?) answer now
    Asked on October 24, 2017 5:34 pm
    A We offer a 15 day "no questions asked" return period for our earphones. It is important to us that people find the earphone that best suits... Read more
  2. Do you offer balanced cables for the Vega?
  3. 0 votes
    Q Do you offer balanced cables for the Vega? answer now
    Asked on January 3, 2017 1:22 pm

    Yes! They are available here.  

  4. Do you offer iphone cables with mic and music controls?
  5. 0 votes
    Q Do you offer iphone cables with mic and music controls? answer now
    Asked on November 21, 2016 8:12 am
    A Currently, we do not offer an iPhone compatible cable with a mic. We are always working on new products, so check back and we may have somet... Read more
  6. Is this earphone vented or is it sound Isolating? And, to what degree does it isolate?
  7. 0 votes
    Q Is this earphone vented or is it sound Isolating? And, to what degree does it isolate? answer now
    Asked on November 14, 2016 11:20 pm
    A The Vega indeed does have a port, as do most other dynamic driver IEMS. However, it's an extremely small port which is located on the "top" ... Read more

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25 reviews for Vega

  1. -Steve (verified owner)

    Campfire Audio “Vega”
    First, I want to congratulate Ken and his team for their accomplishment of creating a dynamic driver IEM that sounds so perfect! The Vega is now my favorite in my IEM collection. After burn in I was so impressed and still am that in some passages in different tracks the music gives me goosebumps. To me, that’s how good it is.

    I found it to pair well with my Tera Player, Lotto Paw Gold, Sony A17 and Sansa Clip’s. It’s been fun trying different amp combinations ALO Cv5, Mojo, HA-2, E17, etc. To me, the Vega sounds great even without an amp.

    Kudos to Ken and the ALO/CFA team!

    Now I waiting to receive my Ref 8 IEM cable to celebrate!!!! :)


  2. Ron Kerlin (Hiflight)

    Having previously owned all of the Campfire Audio offerings as well as many other so-called top of the line IEM’s, I find the Vega to offer a more lifelike presentation of my music than any of my previous phones. Notably, there is a sense of weight and presence to the music that I found lacking in my previous IEM’s. Tonal balance and instrumental timbre are accurate and lifelike. I also find the fit to be excellent due to the very small size. I experience no auditory fatigue whatsoever during long listening periods from either fit or sound.

    I am pleased to state that the performance of the Vega is what I have been searching for since the beginning of my headphone journey! Well-done, Campfire!

  3. Paulo Ovidio (verified owner)

    Lovely earphone, truly a masterpiece. Sound is great, overall balanced among frequencies, but there is a very good punch. I mean, very good bass! Choose the ear tips carefully. It is very important to have a good seal.

  4. Derrick (verified owner)

    The Vega is shockingly good and shockingly different. I spent the last decade using balanced armature IEM’s and jumped on the chance to try a fast dynamic that happens to incorporate a bunch of new technologies (inside and out). The Vega has deep bass with presence that hits hard and fast but doesn’t interfere with the rest of the music. Vocals sound unbelievably realistic (especially well recorded female vocals). Treble is well extended (and no signs of sibilance after burn-in) and detailed (but not in an etched acid way). The Vega is the closet to feeling like I am at a live performance. The only downside, compared to multi-BA, is that the sound is more intimate, losing some air in the soundstage compared to my other non-CA multi-BA. Plus, it’s got diamonds.

  5. -Steve (verified owner)

    I think I found my endgame IEM.

  6. chang52

    Talk about WOW factor. When I put these on for the first time, I was awestruck by everything. I have never heard IEMs this good! The bass is fast and on point. The range and separation is really clear. Nothing is muddled at all. Only thing holding these back are crappy recordings. You can tell that CampfireAudio cares about their product.
    Word of advise is to use the memory foam tips. The bass and clarity is so much better than the other tips. Get a good seal and get it deep in the ear and you will hear something out of this world!

  7. Mark (verified owner)

    Certainly the best IEMs I’ve used ranging from Etymotic 4s to Shure SE 530 to the Sennheiser IE800. Each was a step up in sound quality, but each wasn’t fully satisfying. The sound was cleanest and broadest with the IE800s, but other irritants such as cord noise and difficulty with the ear buds keeping a seal pushed me to look at other IEMs. After a thorough search I’d planned to purchase the Andromeda, but they were on back order. So, I decided to jump up and try the new Vega instead. Initially, I was a concerned by the predominant bass, almost overwhelming the sound. However, after allowing them to burn in over a number of hours, hooking them up to a good DAC/amp (Mojo by Chord) and trying various types of music I was sold on the clarity. Now I look forward to plane rides and sonic bliss. And the bass is simply astonishing.

  8. fuhransahis

    I bought the Vega nearly two months ago after reading the rave reviews and impressions on Head-Fi. The Vega sounds wider, more detailed, engaging, and immersive than almost anything I’ve heard – full-size or regardless. They have redefined what music sounds like to me and how deeply immersed you can become into the music, at times it’s not only like you’re there where the performance is actually done, but rather it goes deeper and you become part of the music itself. They impress me daily, and I cannot recommend them more highly. I may sound crazy… but try them for yourself and you’ll understand.

  9. Artjom from Estonia

    So you are disappointed in your lodge or in your illuminati society and probably with your present esoteric audio stuff, here it begins…

    For whom are these earphones? For those who finds custom IEM’s sound boring (mostly), and for those who wants absolutely best build quality to match sound. Yes you have some alternative for the price, but look at build qualities and amount of technology put into these and other earphones and you will see that winner is here. Putting 8,10,12 and more BA drivers in headphone isn’t miracle anymore, but letting sound one, ONE dynamic better than these, Wow, that’s it!

    These are not neutral sounding earphones, and believe me or not, that is best thing about them. One small hint, please examine sound and qualities of Dorado&Lyra II, maybe their sound match your preferences better, who knows?
    Now, speed & response, these are amazing, as you have read bass is here, but it’s texture and how fast it is here, amazes me every time I put these on.
    Burn-in or time you need to adjust yourself (or both) to sounding was for me relatively short, around 5-10 hours.
    Packaging is so superb, that my wife stole paper box to craft something beautiful.
    One more thing, there are headphones that are very good but aren’t forgiving to poor recordings, so you can’t listen to your favorite music if it in’t top notch recording. These are opposite, clearly they are built to let you enjoy your music. Pair em with Chord Mojo, they will be amazing, Pair em with Fiio X5II they will shine, pair em with your iPhone and they still will be very very good. These are made to be plugged in, to go for hiking with you, to be with you when you are creating something beautiful, meaningful, amazing. These are headphones for your achievements.
    Fit, for first time I spent some time to figure it out how to insert these in my ears (with foamies, spin fits are great but not for me), but now they sit comfortable and I have no issues with fit.
    I’m very happy with this product and can clearly recommend these to anyone who is willing to spend this amount of money on headphones or earphones.
    Btw sorry for my English, I’m from Estonia.

  10. Barak Strahan (verified owner)

    First off, yes, get the memory foam tips on, and put them in nice and deep. From there, these are just worth every cent. I would honestly say that for me, they have paid for themselves as a health and sanity aid about twice over. I can’t really add to what any of the other reviewers have said about sound quality. They are comfortable enough to fall asleep with them in. Totally satisfying and beautiful.

  11. Calvin

    I bought my Vega from Headphone Bar over here in Canada and there was quite a bit of delay before I received my order, however it was only a slight inconvenience that I was totally fine with. Upon opening the box, I was immediately very disappointed when I saw the cheap looking carrying case. With further inspection, it was clearly some sort of synthetic leather and should certainly not be paired with a $1299 IEM. I was first exposed to Campfire when I saw my friend’s case that came with the Jupiter, and that raw leather case was nothing short of jaws-dropping. I’ve seen the leather case that came with the Andromeda as well and it is certainly very beautiful compared to the black case I’ve received. However, when I finally took out the Vegas, I did feel slightly better as they had very high build quality despite being built overseas. But this was only short lived. As I searched for the Comply TX400 tips, I realize they didn’t include it anymore like they used to do with the Andromedas. Upon comparing it with the Andromeda, I realized it was more of a side-grade than an upgrade and that was fine with me since I prefer the Vega sound signature much more. However, with a $200 USD price hike, I expected Campfire to at least include the same quality accessories as they used to do…

  12. Andy (verified owner)

    I own several Campfire IEMs–Andromeda, Nova, Lyra I. I am always struck by the way these three IEMs give me something slightly different, some new kind of insight into what I’m listening to. Now Vega. Love at first listen, an entirely different experience that is based on solidity, muscularity and speed, while never being brutish or overbearing or claustrophobic. Yes, the bass hits hard, but detailed information in the mids and treble remain and are effortlessly portrayed. Nothing spirals out of control, and you learn to stop wincing and just trust the Vegas when you’re anticipating a messy or complicated or shrill moment from a not-so-well recorded song you know well-they just say “I got this” and move along. Vocals are realistic. The shape of a snare drum is almost visible in front of you. The trebly bite at the top end of a saw wave synth bassline is as intact and detailed as the fundamental note is visceral. The impression I come away with from every Campfire IEM is that there is an editorial point of view behind each one–each intentionally tipped one way or another to bring out something special in the music, each different and each tastefully and expertly tuned. This is an expert’s editorial take on fun, a kind of fun that doesn’t rely on a signature that is shaped like a letter of the alphabet. This IEM can stand up to a critical ear, but really it just begs for you to engage with the music instead. In my opinion this is an instant classic that will be discussed for a long time. It is not cheap, yet is one of those rare pieces that is still good value.

  13. Daniel Elliott (verified owner)

    I’m not exactly sure where I should start. The Vega is so good that it’s hard for me to put a description into proper words. Once I got them securely fitted into my ears, I was immediately blown away by every sound they produce!

    I’ve been a big fan of music since I was around the age of 5 back in the early ’80s. I listen to several different genres of music and I have one of the widest ranges of music taste of anyone you would ever know. The Vega sounds INCREDIBLE no matter which genre I feed into them! They are very easy to drive so you can get excellent results with or without an amp. On my desktop, I use a Creative E5 amp/DAC and I use an LG V20 for my portable listening. The Vega sounds very impressive no matter what they are connected to.

    I’m sorry I can’t provide a completely in-depth review but if you get a chance to try the Vega, or buy the Vega, I highly recommend it! You’ll likely be very impressed.

  14. Jake

    It’s a common theme in these reviews, but the Vega is simply amazing. I listen to them through a Lyr2 with the 1975 “Holy Grail” Reflektors, running off a Modi 2U. I have never heard a headphone this gorgeous.

    My only small nitpick is why the nearly 1/2 price Jupiter gets the best leather case. The case that comes with the Vega feels cheap, like fake leather, though it is indeed real. Give your flagship the flagship case, huh?

    Thanks for making such a great IEM, CA!

  15. Rubi Hayim (verified owner)

    I owned and used multiple IEMs from Westone before I discover Campfire. My first Campfire IEM was Jupiter and I was in love with them. The only concern I have was the weight of them which was causing me problems during my bike commute. Vega on the other hand is perfect for that. Light and small with a sound much better than anything I heard. It is so good that sometimes I reach to Vega instead of overhead headphones. And that bass is so good. Punchy and isolated.

    Also they are meticulously made and you can see the love that goes to making them.

    I advise you to get a balanced cable with these. They really made a difference for me when it comes to widening the sound stage.

    This might be the end game IEMs for me.

  16. Tim Clarke

    Well they finally arrived today all the way to the uk! .. excellent service wth regards to delivery time. First off I just want to say how amazing and special these iems are. I’ve come from a pair of shure se 846 which I found to be really great in all areas even low end. But the vega just blows them out the water completely, obviously it’s was a massive decision to spend nearly £1300 on some iems without actually hearing them first but with all the weeks of reading forums and reviews I finally took the jump! It amazes me how they achieved such low end bass and kept everything so clear and crisp. All I can say is that ken and the team have achieved something really special in the Vega.. well done guys and thanks for the speedy service.. happy customer

  17. Dave (verified owner)

    Campfire Audio Vega: Scale up, burn in, and turn on

    Other reviews cover well the sound signature and build quality of the Campfire Audio Vegas, so I’ll cut to the chase with a few observations and perceptions that may or may not be helpful.
    1. Secret sauce: Campfire Audio has discovered the secret sauce to earphone Nirvana. No matter the various sound signature targets of each individual IEM model, they all seem to me to share a certain design ethic and distinctive quality that really stands out from the pack. I might liken it to the artistry of a fine chef who cares passionately about the choicest ingredients, and has the innate gift of bringing them all together in an exquisitely delicious recipe. Unlike tasty dishes, though, which often taste fantastic at first blush, then fade a bit over time, the Campfires seem to get better with each use. Part of this is break-in, I believe, and part acclimation (brain burn-in). For me, the Vega is the first IEM that competes effectively with headphones, surpassing the great majority (IMO), and effectively ‘wrecking’ about 95%+ of other earphones.
    Why? I can’t explain it. I think, just guessing, in terms of sound quality (ignoring for the moment build quality, fit, packaging, etc.) that many companies focus on two axes – signature emphasis (bass, neutral, brightness) and resolution/clarity. Soundstage and imaging might be a third axis. My layman’s sense is that Campfire Audio has been dabbling in other dimensions. I call it “presence,” which is vague enough, I guess, and it includes such aspects as ‘holographic’ auditory cues (to borrow a term some reviewers use), engagement, immersion, ‘fun’ factor, and so on. For my tastes, it includes channel and instrument separation, and a rich-bodied, meaty but never artificial presentation of the music. And the company keeps dialing in on this aspect, ever approaching “eleven.” Others can ratchet up the technicalities; Campfire dials up the artistry. The result is the music is more evocative and moving. And that’s what this game is all about.
    It’s like some lawn service companies are very proficient at cutting grass and trimming bushes. Others are skilled in making the grounds look beautiful, like you want to be out there playing. Campfire is in this second category. Others may focus on the product; I suspect Campfire focuses on the listener benefits. Big difference.
    2. Acclimation: The Vegas are my second Campfire model (and I’ve since ordered three others). I didn’t especially care for the Vegas at first, but I kept at it, remembering that the Polaris opened up and blossomed at well over two hundred hours of use. And just so here as well. For much of the first few days the Vegas sounded to my ears muddy, thuddy, and too bassy. I am not a big believer in “burn-in” but have experienced it in a few cases. So some may be break-in, some improvement was due to endless fiddling with ear tip rolling and gear matching, and some due probably to my own acclimation with the sound profile. But I have to say now the sound is magnificent and extraordinarily engaging.
    3. Sensitivity: One other thing I think I’ve observed with Campfire IEM’s … call it, for lack of a better term, sensitivity. I find the results I get in musical enjoyment from these Campfire IEM’s varies substantially with small changes in the particular audio chain: ear tips, source file quality, DAC/amp, and so on. If the input is neutral, the IEM’s are very neutral. If bassy and fun, this, too, is made abundantly manifest – dialed up but not often beyond Goldilocks levels (“just right”). I’ve never experienced earphones that “changed” so much sonically due simply to the ear tips. For the Vegas, I finally settled on the Comply Tsx-500’s that look like black olives. YMMV. I tried the tips that came stock and several other brands and types. Spinfits, Spiral Dots, Ostry, Ortofon, Sony hybrids, Cambio and on and on. It was worth the effort.
    This phenomenon explains to me, at least in part, why some reviewers may hear different things (not speaking Vega-specifically here, but Campfire-specifically). One hears ‘recessed’ this while another hears ‘forward’ that. One hears linear, another a hump. To some degree, the Vegas take what its given and magnifies it. Which is all to say, gear-matching matters. When, after a fair amount of experimentation, I found the ‘right’ blend for my preferences, the Vegas are pure magic. The kind of special “it” factor that makes me go through my music library and smiling at how good it all sounds. So, don’t give up necessarily if it doesn’t sound that good at first. Break them in. Roll tips. Try different sources and DAC/Amps. Now, if you don’t like full-bodied sound and a dose of bass, you may not ever love these. But if you do, you will be richly rewarded.
    For the record, when I pair the Vegas with my Felix Euforia tube amp, I get this huge enjoyment factor that is generally my eternal quest. The music is euphonic and produces euphoria.
    4. Comparables: For bass, the closest comparables in my experience are Cardas A8, JVC HA-FW01 Class-S, and maybe Sennheiser IE80. For “presence,” the closest comps IMO are FLC 8S and AKG N40. The Vegas integrate these two features together very cohesively. This reflects my personal preferences, cables and gear matching, of course, and you may find otherwise for your preferences and set up.
    5. Net takeaway: If I could borrow a couple of slogans, I’d say Campfire is a combination of the “relentless pursuit of perfection” (in all aspects of the design, crafting, and support of their offerings), and “better ingredients, better pizzas” (so to speak).
    The Vegas are addictive, and once addicted, it’s hard to switch back to other earphones. Nearly everything else seems thinner, more anemic and less vivid by comparison.
    I get the sense that Campfire thinks creatively about each and every ingredient of its offerings. Nothing is just “good enough.
    One thing I appreciate is Campfire’s openness to critique. The products are SO good that many reviewers (me included) hunt for some niggle or another. You like an L-shaped plug; I like straight … that sort of thing. Campfire never, to my knowledge, edits these things out. Better earphones represent so many intangibles, personal preferences and design choices that it’s impossible to please all people. I’ll just say Campfire has an uncanny ability to get most things VERY right for most people.
    Campfire and its team can (IMO) be trusted. I’ve never met them, but their perfectionism comes through in the design ethic, artistry, support and constant drive to advance their art. Whether the target is an elevated bass or a more balanced sound, I trust the company to hit the bullseye in an exceptionally pleasing way. I trust them to do what I want most but have no clue how to describe. Which is all to say that certain terms are normally red flags to me: “bright” (which to me means harsh), “neutral” or “balanced” (which to me screams “boring”), “bassy” (which too often means “boomy”) and so on. Campfire turns all these biases on their ears. They can make all these on-paper descriptors and signatures sound really, really good in practice. They’ve redefined the terms and raised the bar. And in that way, I can now better appreciate other sonic signatures in addition to what is the norm for me. There is more to IEM listening than frequency curves. They are useful but don’t tell the whole story by any stretch. There are steaks and there are STEAKS! Campfire makes Chateaubriands that you can cut with a butter knife.

  18. pronouncedcomo (verified owner)

    Over the years i’ve bought many a high-end headphone, but each one I bought I felt like “somthing” was missing; sometimes the fit was off, but the sound was amazing, sometimes the sound was fully bodied, but muddy. The Vegas, and all of Campfire’s headphones, have been more than deserving of the accolades they’ve gotten.

    The Vegas are full without being muddy, the dynamic driver produces a visceral and satisfying body that delivers a clear and fun representation.

    These were so good that I bought a pair of Andromedas 5 days later.

    I’d recommend these to anyone who is a fan of music that relies on a full bodied sound.

  19. Ben Comeau (verified owner)

    I submitted a review earlier today, I guess it didn’t take.

    I’ve tried a lot of high-end headphones/equipment. Before I found the Vega I felt like I was always making concessions; one headphone would fit well, but not have the sound I was looking for, another might have perfect mids, but no lows. I felt like the high-end audio game was settling with somthing that was ‘good-enough’. When I found Campfire Audio I thought it was going to be another case of too much hype, too little delivered, but I was wrong…

    I was so impressed with the Vega that 5 days later I bought the Andromedas. The Vega accomplishes somthing very special, it comfortably fits in my ear and somehow delivers a full-bodied, clear sound using only 1 Driver! The sound is so full I feel like I’m wearing full-sized headphones.

    I’d say the Vegas are everybit as good as the Andromedas, but are more, for lack of a better word, ‘fun’. They offer a signature that is full of bass, but also clear. These would be a good buy for anyone who does not like lean sounding headphones, but still wants clarity. If you know that you Like Dynamic Driver headphones, these are also for you. If you are someone who likes classical music, metal, or any other genre where clarity and fast bass-decay is important, then get the Andromeda.

    9/10 — Campfire Audio deserves the hype, if you are on the fence about spending this much money, make the leap, the Vegas perform better than some headphones twice their price.

  20. breyle (verified owner)

    Purchased my air of Vegas in early Feb 2018 and received them right on schedule as promised. I held off writing a review for two weeks because I wanted to make sure I had a chance to use the IEMs under a variety of conditions – at work, while using public transportation, in a crowded public shopping mall and in the privacy of my home. I used them with two different portable amps – the FIIO A12 and OPPORTUNITY HA2-SE. the HA2-SE and Vega set up is the way To go for me. Used this setup with my IPhone and IPad Pro. I’ve got to say these IEMs far exceeded my wildest expectations. Best sound I’ve ever experienced from IEMs. I used to say there were two life changing experiences I’ve had the pleasure of being part of – the first was doing a night dive (SCUBA gear) in the waters off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the second was watching molten lava meet the waters of the Pacific off the coast of the big island of Hawaii from under water. Well I can now say using the VEGA IEMs (with the HA2-SE amp) while listening to 70s rock (Pink Floyd), classical piano, Kitaro, Vangelis, Yanni, Enya, Enigma and do on is the third life changing experience for me. The VEGA IEMs are that good. Sending a great big well done to CAMPFIRE AUDIO – if you can afford the price these IEMs are well worth the investment!

  21. tao_master69 (verified owner)

    This is my second pair of CA IEM’s. Check out my review of the Dorados for comparison. The Veges shine the most in higher energy music like Hip Hop, Rap, Dubstep, Industrial, EDM, and more aggressive Pop. They have a XxX sound signature with a significantly subdued midrange. The midrange does seem open up a bit and smooth out after some burn in, but is still subdued overall. They have a very visceral quick slamming bass, but the bass is not overwhelming and is on the same level as the trebles. Do not confuse these with bass head earphones though, they are still even with the treble. The treble is very clear with aggressiveness on par with the bass freqs.I dont own a very good source or amp yet, but to my ears the treble can get a little fatiguing, for this reason I recommend pairing it with softer tips and a warmer sounding amp. They are very high energy and aggressive IEM’s. They shine in the more aggressive genres as listed above, but they perform just ok with hard rock and metal. I thing the Andromeda’s could possibly be better suited for hard rock and metal. The Vegas do not do well with warm, calm, smooth or easier listening genra’s, the Dorados are beautiful for those calmer genras though. The Vegas are definitely masters of specific genres, but definitely not jacks of all trades. If you want more of an aggressive bass head sound I think the Atlas might be better suited overall. One thing I can say about the Vegas, is that they have a very THX quality to them, they do very well with movies and video games. My bet is that if submitted to Lucas Entertainment they would easily get THX certified based on their performance and sound signatures. I have a feeling that the Atlas might shine in this are as well with even greater power in the low end. Overall I am happy with my purchase, but good sound with these is very dependent on having a warmer deeper source, super clear more trebly souces can be very fatiguing and overwhelming due to the eq of the Vegas treble frequency’s. Although they are picky of their source, they are well worth their price. Definitely carefully compare them to the Atlas before buying. If I had to make the purchase over again, I would probably choose the less bright and bassier Atlas.

  22. Yuvi (verified owner)

    This is pure magic. Buy it!!
    Once the bass settles in with extended use, it is a sound to behold. Sonic wizardry at its finest.

  23. Yuvi (verified owner)

    This is pure magic. Buy it!!
    Once the bass settles in with extended use, it is a sound to behold. Sonic wizardry at its finest.
    I would give it 10 stars if I could. I will be buying the andromeda at some point because i am so impressed that i wanna see what else this company has to offer.
    The Vega is like standing next to a 20,000 dollar speaker in the middle of a club, the sound hits you from everywhere, and the bass moves your soul. Everyone should at least once in their life listen to sound this good.
    Bravo, this is the best 1100 dollars I have ever spent.. easily.

  24. Brandon K (verified owner)

    They sound amazing with a proper equalizer, however the nozzles are so large that they hurt my ears regardless of tips used. The size is just too large. I even ordered custom tips, but they never sealed properly. Maybe my ears are just weird. If the nozzles were a bit smaller I’m sure they would be 5-star worthy. As it is I’m selling them because the pain isn’t worth the sound.

  25. Simon Cox

    Just picked up a pair of these incredible iem’s here in the UK. The other reviews here beautifully sum up the life changing experience that your first listening session with these little silver miracles will bring about. Music for me will never be the same again. It’s been a genuine epiphany of epic proportions getting familiar with these marvels. I’m pairing them with an iFi iDSD Micro (black) using an iPhone X as source and also a MacBook streaming Tidal at times. What an incredible combo these are proving to be, with a solidity and structure the like of which I’ve never heard before. Bass is as others here have brilliantly described, but it feels close to perfect to these well used ears, with a sense of weight, heft and depth that makes listening to any other iem’s a truly disappointing experience. Vega, a wonderfully resolving musical experience. Grab a pair before they become the stuff of legend and see what it’s like to truly feel not just hear music. Life will never be the same again.

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