Smoky Litz XL – “Artist Cable”

Just like our popular Smoky Litz Cable – but longer!
Available with Red & Blue or semi-transparent smoky grey MMCX over-molds.

$109.00 $119.00


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The Smoky Litz XL cable was originally developed for use with our custom in-ear monitors. This performance-focused cable utilizes the same conductor materials as our standard Smoky Litz cable; silver-plated copper. The distinguishing features are an additional 18” of cable length, for a total of 62″, as well as longer over-molded MMCX connectors with built-in memory wire. This cable is available with either distinctively colored Red and Blue or semi-transparent smoky grey MMCX over-molds.


Standard Smoky MMCX Overmolds, Red and Blue MMCX Overmolds


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