Onyx – Multiverse day 5

In the deepest reaches of the Campfire Multiverse, our team discovered a rich deposit of sonic rarity. Shrouded in darkness and emitting an entrancing sound, our team harnessed this power to create Onyx, an all-new hybrid design in a gleaming black ABS housing.

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Sonic Signature


A dark pairing that provides the perfect sonic signature for the time of year when nights begin stretching out. The hybrid design of a single dynamic driver and balanced armature provide thick thumping bass, with just the right amount of high frequency to let you feel the chill in the air.  Onyx scratches an itch you didn’t know you had.  Listen to Harry Nilsson’s Gotta Get Up’ and make these dark days just a bit brighter.


  • Smoky Lite 3.5mm Cable w/ Beryllium MMCX connectors
  • Vine-green compact carrying case
  • Black 2-chamber mesh bag
Weight .30 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × 3.5 in

4 reviews for Onyx – Multiverse day 5

  1. Anthony Moree (verified owner)

    This Onyx from the CA Mulitverse promotion – wow ! My first purchase from CA and sounds great. This was not expensive in the world of IEM’s but if this is any indication of the quality of their products then I will be forced to buy a more expensive IEM before too long. I am thrilled !

  2. emilkarol (verified owner)

    I wanted a fun bass heavy IEM and these scratched that itch. Not end-game analytical but that’s not the point. They make everything from hip-hop, electronic, rock, and fusion that much more toe tapping fun while still giving a nice sense of detail.

  3. Todd Richmond (verified owner)

    After my UM50Pros died (over a decade of use as both stage IEM as well as travel listening) I started looking for a replacement. As a bassist I appreciate low end but I actually don’t like overly thick presentations. I ended up with a set of Andromeda 2020 and they are crazy good. For critical listening, they are first call. But for a gig, not clear I want/need the same resolving power – rather a bit more bass and lower cost are reasonable goals.

    Enter the Onyx. Much more bass than the Andromeda but not crazy bass head. Not as detailed and imaging isn’t up to the Andromeda but you want the gold standard you need to spend the gold. The Onyx sound profile is fun, takes eq well if you’re so inclined (the parametric on the RME ADI-2 is perfect). Plus not so worried about tossing them in a gig bag and knocking around with them. The hybrid architecture seems interesting, would love to see something in between the Onyx and Andromeda in both price and sound. But for the price, the Onyx is a great choice from a great small US company.

  4. daniel.lodewyk (verified owner)

    It’s a great IEM. I’d buy it a second time, no regrets on this purchase. It’s great value.

    It has the bass that I need. It isn’t super refined but nothing glaringly obvious.

    It’s isolates okay, definitely can hear more around you with the port.

    It is relatively sensitive and easy to drive.

    It’s a warm and relaxing listen. Non-fatiguing. Has some sparkles when required but generally tends to lean warm.

    It’s such a satisfying listen.

    I love the plastic IEM shells. They are so light and comfortable. They look great. The more driver tech I can get at a lower price I am all for. I definitely hope CFA keeps the plastic shells and spends money on drivers.

    I am listening to ‘DARKSIDE’s album “Psychic” and it’s so gooood. The Knife is a great option for these. Radiohead and other Modern Rock.

    I love these IEMs and they make a great replacement for my CFA Comets.

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