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A fresh take on Pro In-Ear Monitors.
Custom 10mm Full Range Dynamic Driver
Optimized 3D Printed Acoustic Design
Compact Comfort

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campfire audio honeydew iem


Refreshingly Sweet!

Full-bodied dynamic sound meets compact comfort in the Campfire Audio Honeydew!

Honeydew’s custom-built full-range dynamic driver is characterized by a reference-level bass response that is fast and detailed. Music creators and listeners who crave punchy, detailed bass – Honeydew delivers it all and more on a clear and expansive soundstage.

Frequency Response


Listening: Hip-Hop, Pop, Psych Rock, Drum n’ Bass, Synthwave, Prog Rock, Techno, Neo-Soul, IDM, EDM, Breakbeat, Dub, Industrial, House

Production: Drums, Bass, Beat Production, DJ

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Sounds Splendid!

Optimized Tuning for Full Range Dynamic Fun

At the heart of Honeydew is a single full-range 10mm dynamic driver.  We select dynamic drivers for their warmth and musicality, and this driver design follows our formula perfectly.

Beyond the driver, we optimize all of our earphones with carefully designed 3D-printed acoustic chambers. Honeydew shares this design DNA. The 3D-printed acoustic chamber and rear port design shape the frequency response curve to optimize the performance of Honeydew’s full-range dynamic driver.

campfire audio honeydew iem

Sounds Splendid!

Optimized Tuning for Full Range Dynamic FUn

At the heart of Honeydew is a single full-range 10mm dynamic driver.  We select dynamic drivers for their warmth and musicality, and this driver design follows that formula perfectly.

Beyond the driver, we optimize all of our earphones with carefully designed acoustic chambers that are individually 3D printed. Honeydew shares this design DNA. The 3D printed acoustic chamber, as well as a rear port design, shapes the frequency response curve to optimize the performance of its full-range liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) diaphragm.

Mellow Yellow

Vibrant color + Durable finish

Our line of custom-fit IEMs directly inspired our all-new shell material.  This material provides a smooth and comfortable fit and can also hold up against the rigors of the touring musician.  Lightweight and comfortable, Honeydew delivers.

campfire audio honeydew iem

Mellow Yellow

Vibrant Color + Durable Finish

Our line of custom-fit IEMs directly inspired our all-new shell material.  This material provides a smooth and comfortable fit.  It also holds up against the rigors of the touring musician.  Lightweight and comfortable, Honeydew delivers.

campfire audio smoky lite cable

‘Smoky Lite’

New Silver Plated Copper Litz Cable for Honeydew

A lightweight, streamlined version of our classic ‘Smoky Litz’ cable.  This new ‘Smoky Lite’ cable features 4 silver-plated copper conductors and our Custom Beryllium Copper MMCX connectors. These premium connectors provide years of use and are an investment we make into each of our products to ensure a superior ownership experience.

campfire audio dark green canvas iem case

Vine Green

Compact Canvas Carrying Case from Portugal

This is a new size carrying case from Campfire Audio.  Even more compact than our classic case dimensions, it fits easily into your pocket, so your earphones will stay protected and within reach.

campfire audio honeydew iem

Stainless Steel Spout

Comfortable and Hygienic

Our signature stainless steel spout has been miniaturized for Honeydew.  Featuring a smaller diameter opening, Honeydew will fit more people more often!

campfire audio honeydew iem exploded view

3D Printed Interior

Carefully Designed for Optimum Sonic Performance

Close attention to detail is critical to delivering you a superior musical experience from our earphones. Honeydew features an acoustically optimized interior chamber and rear port design that allow its driver to deliver the very best sound quality.

Campfire Audio’s New Honeydew Earphones Are A Clear Winner

“Campfire Audio’s Honeydew wired earphones are a delight and were a pleasure to audition. The way they handled dynamic music with verve and energy was infectious. Somehow, they manage to make music more exciting and nuanced but without signs of the distortion that some wireless earbuds produce. They’re especially stable and clear, even at higher volume levels. The over-the-ear fit of the Honeydew is comfortable and perfect for people who like to listen to music while exercising without hearing any of those annoying vibrations that can travel up a cable connection when moving around. The well-balanced sound of the Honeydew will please anyone who likes a bit more warmth is their music. If you love your music, the Honeydew earphones from Campfire Audio are a great way to get more from your favorite tunes.”

Mark Sparrow – Forbes

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Overall a quality product with a fun sound, and a worthy opponent in what has become a very congested and competitive market segment. If you want something in this price range with wicked bass in a comfortable, well-appointed package, look no further.

Thomas Smallman – The Contraptionist

(Read Full Review Here)

Campfire Audio Honeydew In Ear Monitor Review

The bottom line for you is that if you like a punchy bass, this is for you. The Honeydew’s strength lies in its detailed bass and lower mids response, so much so that you will definitely be reminded if playing a punchy EDM tune. Heavy metal will get your ears vibrating at times. I personally found the sweet spot to be more in the hip hop and rock genres.

VSG – Tech Power Up

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Campfire Audio Honeydew Review

I believe the key trait here is not just about the obvious power of the bass but how well the treble interacts with it. This is a subtle treble performance that gives the higher pitching timbre a slight sweetness to it rather than a metallic or harsh tone which can often be the case with classic V-Shaped IEMs. (…) Overall, the Honeydew is all about big fun-sounding casual listening with a tonal coloration that makes it non-fatiguing.

Marcus – Headfonics

(Read Full Review Here)

Campfire Audio Honeydew Review

“The Campfire Audio Honeydew earphones are bass-forward in-ear monitors with a cool design and lots of in-ear accessories… the honeydew IEM’s are a strong value for money pair of earphones if the bass is your most important factor to come out of their audio feed. So if you are all about the bass get over to Campfire Audio for some honeydew.”

Stephen Watson – What Gadget

(Read Full Review Here)


Technical Specifications


5Hz–18 kHz Frequency Response

94 dB SPL @ 1kHz: 17.68 mVrms

17.44 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance


Mellow Yellow ABS Body

Single Custom Full Range 10mm Dynamic Driver

Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) film diaphragm

Custom Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections

Stainless Steel Spout

Included Accessories

Campfire Audio Vine Green Canvas Earphone Case. Made in Portugal.

Smoky Lite Litz Cable

Campfire Audio Smoky Lite Litz Cable – Silver Plated Copper Conductors with Berylium Copper MMCX and 3.5mm Stereo Plug

Final Audio Tips (xs/s/m/l/xl) – Campfire Audio Earphone Tips(s/m/l) – Silicon Earphone Tips (s/m/l) – Campfire Audio Lapel Pin – Cleaning Tool

Packaging Details

Authentic Campfire Audio Earphone Packaging

USA Made “French Paper Company” Paper

Printed Locally in Portland, Oregon USA

Authentic Warranty Number Sticker – Matches Interior Warranty Card

Questions and answers of the customers

    Could I use these with a 3.5mm Jack To 1/4" Plug Adapter?
  1. 0 votes
    Q Could I use these with a 3.5mm Jack To 1/4" Plug Adapter? answer now
    Asked on December 12, 2022 11:51 am

    Sure, the included 3.5mm cable would work nicely with a 1/4" adapter.

  2. Will this sound good off a phone?
  3. 0 votes
    Q Will this sound good off a phone? answer now
    Asked on January 30, 2022 11:04 am

    Hi! Yes, all of our IEMs perform well when being run directly from a phone. Thanks!

  4. Are these Bluetooth and wired? Or just wired
  5. 0 votes
    Q Are these Bluetooth and wired? Or just wired answer now
    Asked on November 8, 2021 6:35 pm

    Hi! These are wired, they come with our Smoky Lite cable that features silver-plated copper conductors. Thanks!

  6. Is there an in-line mic cable option?
  7. 1 vote
    Q Is there an in-line mic cable option? answer now
    Asked on September 21, 2021 1:57 pm

    Hi! The Honeydew comes with our Campfire Audio Smoky Lite Litz Cable, which does not include an in-line mic option. If you're interested ... Read more

  8. If I replace the cable with a non-beryllium MMCX cable will the sound change much?
  9. 0 votes
    Q If I replace the cable with a non-beryllium MMCX cable will the sound change much? answer now
    Asked on September 5, 2021 2:38 am
    A Hi! You will likely notice a very subtle change in sound. Thanks!
  10. Can this iem use regular tubular foam tips?
  11. 0 votes
    Q Can this iem use regular tubular foam tips? answer now
    Asked on July 23, 2021 11:28 pm
    A Honeydew comes with 3 different sizes of our marshmallow foam tips. Thanks!
  12. Hi guys! Can you tell me the nozzle size /diameter of the stem? Do HONEYDEW and SATSUMA differ in size from the other models? Apparently my ... Read more
  13. 0 votes
    Q Hi guys! Can you tell me the nozzle size /diameter of the stem? Do HONEYDEW and SATSUMA differ in...... Read more answer now
    Asked on June 28, 2021 8:08 am
    A Sure, happy to help here. The spout diameter is smaller on Honeydew and Satsuma than our standard spout diameter which is found on our oth... Read more

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Included User Manual

21 reviews for Honeydew

  1. Jimmy (verified owner)

    I honestly was not expecting too much as I have a pair of the Solaris 2020’s and truly enjoy those. The Solaris have such a full mid-range and great soundstage that it is hard to beat. I would never say these beat my Solaris because it would be wrong to compare, however I wanted something with a little heavier bass profile. To me these Honeydew’s hit such a sweet spot in my hearing landscape and offer a great warm sound with very good detail and clarity. It feels like it is the IEM you want to use when you are either shoegazing, banging your head, or dancing the night away. A whole lot of fun at a reasonable price point.

  2. David Abravanel (verified owner)

    I’ve never heard this kind of punchy quality from a pair of dynamic driver IEMs before – rich and full sound that works especially well for electronic music, but without sacrificing the detail of more mid & high-mid heavy sounds. Definitely an expansive sound, and super comfortable!

  3. Tucker

    I’m so happy I impulse-bought these. I had been using final 3000’s along with AirPods as my primary earbuds and decided to dump the Bluetooth because of RF concerns, and dump the final 3000’s for buds that are more comfortable. These Campfire headphones are exactly what I was hoping for. I’m a bass head so I love the bass. They are very comfortable and light. They offered great isolation without the need to shove them down your earholes. They are nice and smooth and the included cable is very high quality. At this price, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

  4. robh.50

    I’m very happy with my Honeydews. The bass is as described by Campfire, nice and punchy, especially with my beloved electronic music. Connecting them to my Iphone or Ipad with the original Apple DAC’s is a massive sound improvement compared to my iPod-pro’s. With the Red Firefly DAC inbetween, the Honeydew’s really come to life and shine. I can’t start to imagine what the higher end IEM’s like the Vega or Solaris would sound like!

  5. Kyle (verified owner)

    These are my first IEM’s and paired with the THX Onyx playing Apple Music Lossless has been fantastic.

  6. Doge (verified owner)

    Very good value. Highly recommended if you are looking for something to satisfy your music needs but don’t want to shell out much more money.

  7. Teague

    These are super fun and make listening to bass heavy more detailed. You can almost feel the texture of the bass. The mids are noticeably recessed but don’t lack presence, more so lack resolution. The highs are clear but have a darker sound, nowhere near harsh but accurate and present. If you’re looking for something balanced these won’t meet the criteria.

  8. SN

    LOVE these, super fun. These are my first CA iem’s and I am thrilled on how they perform and fit. Deep, punchy bass and they make me smile everytime (that should be the point right?). I wanted a FUN pair of iem’s and these fit the bill. Listening to everything from edm like Utah or Eastern Odyssey to synthpop like Future Islands to The Weeknd and the Honeydews sound great. Get these if you wanna jam and have fun with your music.

  9. Adam

    Great stage monitor!

    I play bass guitar in a rock/punk band and I can fully recommend them as stage monitor. First i was a bit disappointed with the overall frequency, but after about 20 hours the bass emphasis slightly disappeared and now it sounds a bit smoother over the complete frequency range. They fit well for my case and noise cancelling is great. Also the thin but quality cable is perfect for stage, especially when moving around there is no tension or draw to my ears and I immediately forget about wearing them anyway.

    Thanks to campfire for making such a great product.

  10. jl

    Uuuhh, nice one! Had the campfire orion as a daily driver up ’till now and wanted to try out something new with a tad more bass power. Guess i just found the right pair of earbuds to give me that kick. Mind you, no overkill bass – just fine. I usually think left and right before taking the decision to spend this amount of bucks. Absolutely no regrets! Thumbs up (both of them).

  11. AWN

    Non-fatiguing single driver IEM with a flair of headphone soundscape from the 80’s. Nice product for the price.

  12. Obel (verified owner)

    Excellent IEMs. Very engaging sound with rich bass. I am not an audiophile personally but love quality sound. This is an excellent purchase for the money.

    To maximize the capability of these IEMs, I used a parametric EQ, on my Windows PC, with settings by oratory1990. This opened up the IEMs stage and removed a little bass to increase the clarity a bit more without making it fatiguing.

    If you want very fun IEMs that you can listen to for hours on end, these are an excellent choice,

  13. Baran

    Being a metalhead I am enjoying these a little too much. Especially when listening to modern metal or new core kind of stuff, a stupid smile comes to my face sometimes during the drops. Slightly recessed mids make listening easier and longer in my opinion and I am not sure if it is a con when it comes to rock or metal. All frequency range is very clear and present. There has not been a time where I wished there was more mid. This was the first time I purchased a campfire product. And now I am curious what else is there…

  14. Evelyn

    Honeydew is bass heavy, but also very warm. It sounds downward sloping to my ears. These, depending on your tolerance for bass, are super relaxing to my ears. I was straight up addicted to these for a while – still am. They can be fun or relaxing depending on your mood. I can listen to any genre happily on these. LoFi in particular is just so mellow on these, I love it. One album in particular is City Girl’s Neon Impasse.

  15. William

    I almost gave up on my Honeydew due to fit issues. As much as the foams are recommended for CA IEMS, I prefer silicone tips. I tried a slew of tips (SpinFit, Final) but kept opting for smaller ear tips (as small/medium is what I use for other IEMs) for a deeper fit which caused all kinds of suction/seal issues. I decided to try out large silicone tips on a whim, with a very shallow fit (what barely feels like a seal), and ta-da! They’re now my fun go-to IEM for long listening sessions where isolation isn’t a big factor. Super wide sound stage, with some depth/holography/magic going on at times. I really like these for electronic idm/techno/house/dnb music as well as older funk recordings and 90s “boom bap” hip-hop.

  16. Frances Vu (verified owner)

    I’ve gotten so sick of listening to music through Bluetooth earbuds that I recently bought a music player with the intention of buying IEMs that I can plug into it. I used to use my phone for music, but I hate that it doesn’t have a headphone jack and dongles are so ugly that I never even considered them. I love listening to indie rock, alt, folk, and lofi. According to Spotify I also like listening to vapor soul/twitch, though its still not 100% clear to me what that genre is. I’m not an audiophile whatsoever, I just love listening to music that sounds good to me and after I read one reviewers post that stated that lofi is so mellow on these I decided to buy them. They don’t disappoint and I plan to use these as my daily when I don’t want to use my bulky headphones. I can’t stand harsh or bright sounds so these IEMs are perfect for how I like to listen to music.

  17. sebastian eagle (verified owner)

    one of my monitors just fizzed out and didn’t work like it would faded in and out almost like it was the cord but I swapped it into my working right monitors plug and nothing it just stopped all together I’m going to probably need a replacement or something this is very irritating they sounded great and i kept them on low for the most part because they was so full. I was planning on parrying them with my new portable dac luxury and precision w2 but i haven’t even had the chance because one of the monitors stopped all together ahhhhh so upsetting i only used them twice never at the max setting

  18. Sebastian (verified owner)

    no way to edit my last review but there amazing couldn’t ask for a better pair and they was prompt and fast so just really good all around thanks!

  19. William Padget (verified owner)

    Wanted a pair of bass head IEMs, and this was the right choice. I dig the design. Well constructed. The cord is just the right length and weight, and I personally like the ear loop. I’ve worn them for a few hours without any discomfort. The sound is as advertised. They’re probably more balanced than you expect. I’ll use my over-ear open back cans for vocals, but these will be my go-tos for hip-hop/electronic/rock (most genres). Really make the music sound dynamic. Saw a review call the soundstage wide, but not deep, and that’s on point. Kind of a small club feel. If you’re considering these, you already have an idea of what you’re getting, and I highly recommend.

  20. JOSEPH CARDUCCI (verified owner)

    I would like to call myself an audiophile, but, im definitely still a bit of a noob. That being said, I wanted to upgrade my IEMs that I currently had, which was a Fiio FH3. This pair of IEMs is far beyond what I was expecting. The bass in these is fantastic. I primarily listen to all types of EDM, lofi, as well as rock, metal, and maybe a little 90s country if the time calls for it.
    For the money, you absolutely cannot beat these. Bass is spot on, vocals are more than good enough for me, guitar sounds great. Now I’m addicted to campfire audio, and I will be back when I can acquire myself one of the higher models. I’ve already recommended a few individuals to these and I really and hoping they pull the trigger and oder some.

  21. Claus (verified owner)

    I’ve always struggled with earphones. I don’t like the sensation of a sealed fit that you get with tips, but I don’t like the audio quality of non-sealing types. What is really cool about these, in addition to the awesome build and sound quality, is the variety of tips they provide. I personally found that firm but really small tips allow me to insert these fully, and only get a partial seal, which for me is the perfect compromise between my weird aversion to sealing tips, and audio quality. I absolutely love them.

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