Green Leather IEM Case

Durable, high-quality, European Leather
Chrome zipper
Soft faux-wool interior
4.5″ x 3″

2 customer reviews



2 reviews for Green Leather IEM Case

  1. Chuck (verified owner)

    Just got this case for another set of iems. Love this thing. It smells like high quality leather, and it’s soft inside. The sides are stiff so that it won’t crush in. It’s big enough I can fit 2 pair without problem. And the green looks great, just like the photo.

  2. Francesco (verified owner)

    I have bought a B stock Andomeda 2018, that needed a case. I preferred this shape and color to the one original type. This model does with it quite nicely and the quality of leather and finishing will ensure my Andomedas are well kept whenever they are stored away. It can easily fit two pair of IEMs and their respective mesh pouches and it looks good too.

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