Cascade Ear Pads – XL

Ear Pads for Cascade
Soft Leather
Size XL

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XL leather replacement earpads for Cascade.

15 reviews for Cascade Ear Pads – XL

  1. thepysen (verified owner)

    Definitely a must buy for Cascade owners. Slightly reduced low end and a cooler listening experience on warm summer days. Highly recommended.

  2. Tyler (verified owner)

    These are, well I’m sorry to say not good, the material is scratchy the sound altered makes the bass mushy and less fun, and overall for me the sound was just less than, what the leather pads provide. They just don’t compare to the Leather pads that come with the headphone. I will say that the magnetic connection is awesome though! I wish more companies did this, such a great design. Campfire you make stellar products, but this is not one of them (now that is just like my opinion man) I look forward to the next iteration of pads, hopefully without this rough scratchy material please! Maybe a velour style? Or some vegan suede style? Anyhow I do not recommend these in their current material. I look forward to the next version though!

  3. DR. M. Idwan Ganie (verified owner)

    Fast Delivery. Feels good and improves detail. Would also like to order leather pads again but cannot see being offered.

  4. Zeron

    I still like the sound with the stock ear pads with dampers better but this is not optional for hot summer days. I bought these off ALO’s site since amazon pay is an option there. BTW, Campfire, please get the leather stock ear pads for sell!!!!!!

  5. Tetsu (verified owner)

    Excellent. The cloth pads provide a pretty dramatic change to the sound. This is not just a subtle change.

    The sound becomes much cleaner, sort of the difference between a room with hard walls and a room with cloth walls. The special sharp attack and decay of the headphones remains, but there is less a sense of grandeur and more a sense of intimacy. The bass is reduced significantly, but stays very tight. Less “feel” and more “hear”, while still remaining rather prominent compared to other frequencies, it is much more balanced.

    A lot of folks purchased the Cascade for it s bass power and impact. I purchased the Cascade for the attack and decay (and portable size). To me, reducing the naturally overwhelming bass to really bring out the attack and decay along a more balanced frequency was always my goal. So a little EQ, plus using the largest filter, plus the cloth pads makes the Cascade ideal for small jazz bands and ensemble classical.

    Very happy with the purchase.

    My only worry is that these pads might not last long. Seems logical to buy a few pairs.

  6. Yves (verified owner)

    Got the XL Leather pads “just to try” and OMFG !!! If the original ones were a bit tight/just right, take these for a spin, you won’t regret it. They also alleviates some of the clamping pressure during longer listening sessions.

  7. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I bought these pads with the hope of making the Cascad’s sound signature slightly more “open” and mellow out the bass. With that intent these pads succeeded. I am very happy with the tone. Unfortunately, I’m not in love with the material Campfire chose for these; it’s just not very pleasant feeling against my skin. It is, however, cooler than the leather pads so the advertising isn’t misleading. I would have preferred maybe a softer material like velour but all in all these are a nice addition to the headphones. I would have loved if they were already included with the headphones, but oh well…

  8. Tim (verified owner)

    I’ve been a happy owner of the Cascades since last year and I decided to experiment by purchasing the XL pads.

    I have small ears so I didn’t buy them for a better fit but was hoping for a slight boost in soundstage. Every little bit helps with closed back headphones. I definitely got that and more as the comfort has increased as well. The only potential downside I can see is the fit may not be as snug so sound might leak a bit more — this isn’t really a big deal and I’m sure once they wear in it won’t matter.

    I’m happy I made this purchase and I would highly recommend them to those looking for slight increase in soundstage or if you have bigger ears/want increased comfort.

  9. Joshua Wolfe (verified owner)

    The Leather XL pads for the Cascade are awesome! They provide extra room around the ears, and give a little more space to the sound, compared to the standard leather. Both kinds of leather pads work great, and I love the quick, magnetic connection. Nicely Done :)

  10. glenn kresge (verified owner)

    I just order these along with the cloth ones too. I absolutely love them on my new Cascades; as they’re a better fit for me than the stock ones. I also love the cloth ones too. I like the cloth material better than the velvet type on the Beyerdynamics T-1’s. The sound is more open on the large black leather than the stock leather. I am a Beyerdynamics owner for many years and own all their top-line cans; I love Campfire Audio, this company, and their products as they are just as good but better made than Beyerdynamics products. The sound is great too!

  11. Benito L. Guison

    The cloth pads work as advertised. Although, like some have mentioned before the materials left something to be desired. Maybe softer material for a future iteration would be something to look forward to indeed. The XL pads….no superlatives can say how much they changes my experience with the Cascades. The sound is indeed bigger but more than than the comfort level for me went through the roof. They were pretty comfortable before with the stock pads, and I don’t particularly have big ears myself, but these things are night and day for me. the clamping force is definitely lessened the heat you expect from closed backs seems to be less too. I like my cloth pads too but i keep coming back to these XL pads!

  12. Andrew Resk (verified owner)

    Love them!

  13. mk62093 (verified owner)

    Purchased the XL pads, and absolutely love it. Stock ear pads were fine but a little cramped for my ears. The XL pads definetely give a better and more comfortable fit, much more comfortable. Also with the XL pads it is cooler and does not get as hot with the stock pads. Overall very pleased with XL pads purchase.

  14. Christo Tchobanov (verified owner)

    I’ve only used the leather ear pads and they’re absolutely fantastic, both as sound and comfort of wearing experience.

  15. Doug (verified owner)

    The XL pads were a welcome tweak to my Cascades. Same quality as the standard pads and the fit is great!

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