Litz Cable

Our standard Litz cable; Four conductors of silver-plated copper comprised of individually enameled wires.

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3.5mm Stereo Plug

Fits the standard headphone jack of portable audio products.

3.5mm Stereo Plug

Fits the standard headphone jack of portable audio products.

4.4mm 5-Pole Balanced

Originally developed for use with Sony's high-end portable digital audio players (DAPs), this connection is now standard on DAPs from a number of manufacturers - including Astell&Kern, Lotoo, iBasso, FiiO, and many more.

2.5mm 4-Pole Balanced TRRS

A popular cable for use with the Astell & Kern portable digital audio players.

2.5mm 4-Pole Balanced

Litz cable designed for use with your high-resolution portable DAP.

Compatible with Astell&Kern, Lotoo and many other excellent players.


Soft to the Touch

A flexible and durable jacket makes our Litz wire cable a joy to use every day.

Extra Strong MMCX

Our custom Beryllium Copper MMCX eliminates the traditional shortcomings of the connection and harnesses all of its benefits. Beryllium Copper provides a robust mating mechanism; one that is typically made from soft brass. This selection of a harder material extends the life of the component and the earphone.

Make the Right Connection

We offer the Litz cable in a number of terminations. Find the termination that best suits your listening set-up.

Technical Specifications


MMCX Connectors

Memory Wire for secure placement

Twisted for ease of use


Beryllium/Copper MMCX Connections

Selected mixed diameter stranding conductors

Silver-plated high purity copper

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9 reviews for Litz Cable

  1. skfktkwjs (verified owner)

    Amazing build quality, amazing sound, ALO/campfire cable always super durables. Percectly full fill my need for mmcx lightning cable for my iphone X

  2. Greg (verified owner)

    Great product, I purchased this as a replacement to my original 3.5 cable as I was getting an iPhone with just a lightning port. Same quality I had come to expect, and fast shipping too. Worked just as expected, but I do have the following critiques. The mic buttons and the rubberized coating are not as polished as the rest of the hardware and look a little cheap upon close inspection. The last bit of plastic wrapped cable coming after the flexible wire is somewhat stiff and results in the cable sitting “raised” above the back of your ear when you wear them, as opposed to sitting closer to the ear. It might be helpful to have the flexible metal run all the way to the bottom of the sleeve. Lastly, and probably most bothersome, is the fact that the volume buttons do not work when the lightning plug is inserted in one orientation. I was not aware that it mattered how you inserted the plug, but apparently it does. Unfortunately, there is no indicator on the plug to tell you which way is right side up, so you will have to guess every time or mark it yourself. A small dot would be ideal, if this is an issue known to the company.

    Ultimately, these are relatively small nits and I love these head phones and cables and would buy again even if nothing changed, but I hope someone else finds this review helpful and informative.

  3. Frank (verified owner)

    Great cable for use with my Sony NW ZX300. 5 pin connection fits perfectly. Nicely made ! Highly recommend

  4. Jeff Sackett (verified owner)

    The Campfire Audio Litz cable is my second product from the company and I couldn’t be happier with it. The Campfire Audio quality continues to impress me. I purchased the Litz cable with 2.5mm TRRS termination to accompany my Campfire Audio Jupiter earphones and Fiio Q5 DAC/amp. The balanced cable increases both the sound stage and separation as well as eliminating background noise. I didn’t realize how much of an improvement the audio quality is between a balanced and unbalanced cable. If you have the ability to use a balanced cable then please purchase the Litz balanced cable, you will be in for a treat.

  5. sieu nhuan (verified owner)

    Litz Cable 4.4 mm sound good

  6. D. Williams

    I purchased this cable to replace the Final Audio E4000 original cable. I needed a cable that would allow me to answer my iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, some of us believe that, if the wheel is rolling, let it roll. I would have given 5 Stars but the controls do not allow for fast forward or reverse for messages or music play. It also does not always disconnect the call when the center button is pressed. It does otherwise, merit a 4-Star Plus for the cable build. I like the feel of the cable; it is quite flexible £ could have been a tad bit longer. Furthermore, it is virtually ‘tangle’ free, compared to the cable that came with my 64Audio U12T’s £ U18 Tzars. 64Audio needs to take some lessons. If Campfire built a 2-pin connector, hi-res, cable, I might seriously consider purchasing one £ returning the one that I ordered from Effect Audio.

  7. Spencer Harding (verified owner)

    Cable is good, but they sent it in a bag that had asbestos long. Like, seriously? Are you kidding me?

  8. maurice charles (verified owner)

    I like the relief i have since i acquired the Litz cable. The memory wire helps to stabilize the cable fit behind the ears and it makes a huge difference with the sound.

  9. craig sugimoto (verified owner)

    adding the 2.5” balanced connector to the litz cable really opened up the amount & detail of bottom end for my solaris 2020’s playing my ak70 mk II…slightly bigger soundstage too. good investment!

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