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Andromeda Special Edition: Gold “Titanium Series” – Multiverse Day 3

In an alternate branch of the Campfire Multiverse, our Andromeda Special Edition: Gold was made with the same great sound and in a different, yet equally appealing aesthetic. 7 Balanced armatures, housed in our durable and sleek titanium housing, with a stainless steel spout, gold screws and black Campfire logo inlay. A Special edition from another dimension, only 30 sets exist on this plane of existence.

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Andromeda Special Edition: Gold was one of the fastest-selling special editions ever and continues to be one of the most requested releases, even years after its initial release.  It remains a favorite to this day because of what it adds to the Andromeda formula; enhanced low-frequency and more pulled-in mids without sacrificing the natural musicality and expansive soundstage of Andromeda.  

This model updates the unique formulation with a machined titanium shell and our updated custom balanced armatures.


  • Super Smoky Litz 3.5mm w/ Beryllium MMCX connectors
  • Black leather carrying case w/ Gold zipper
  • Black 2-chamber mesh bag
  • Black “CA” logo inlay

5 reviews for Andromeda Special Edition: Gold “Titanium Series” – Multiverse Day 3

  1. Andrew Resk (verified owner)

    This has become a dream come true. I have been a Campfire Audio fan for a very long time now owning most of their line up. Ever since seeing the Ara after not getting a hold of a Andromeda Gold, I dreamed of a Titanium Andromeda. Well I am lucky enough to say my dream came true! Excellent work Campfire, Thank you!

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    A fantastic offering from Campfire. I was a touch disappointed when I saw the King edition and that it was already sold out, however after actually using the titanium “gold” edition I am very pleased. It is lighter than the stainless edition and sounds excellent. Hopefully they continue to bring back the sound signature of the golds in other offerings.

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Missed out on the previous Andromeda Gold batch and was really curious about an Andromeda with mids & bass boost. The Andromeda Gold Ti does it! As an owner of both the Andromeda S & Andromeda 2020, this is a welcome addition to the collection.

  4. Denny Warnack

    After having the Andromeda 2020 as my own, I was happy to get an Andromeda Gold Titanium Series. I can tell you that the Team at Campfire Audio have created a true masterpiece. I had a big smile on my face after unpacking this masterpiece and providing it with my personal best fitting tips when the first notes of my favourite music were played. To all those who have not been lucky, I can only advise you to check back regularly to see if there might be another edition. It’s worth it in any case, because the sound is tremendous.

  5. Jason Chan

    I have been kept looking at Campfire Audio’s website day by day and waiting for this Andromeda Special Edition: Gold “Titanium Series” be available for me to purchase. Please kindly notify me by email. Thanks so much Campfire Audio Team!!

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