SXC 8 Headphone Cable

Eight Silver-Plated Copper Conductors
Signature Reference Type 8 Wire Weave
Durable FEP Jacket

4 customer reviews


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8 Conductors of Awesome Sound

ALOaudio’s SXC 8 Headphone Cable for Cascade.

Silver-plated high purity copper wire is at the heart of the eight fine-stranded 22 AWG conductors.

Each conductor is custom annealed to an extra soft temper. Jacketed in durable FEP for exceptional resistance to discoloration. This produces a cable with a supple feel that is unlike other silver plated or even pure silver cables.

The SXC 8 headphone cable features ALOaudio’s reference type 8 wire weave – a stereo symmetrical design with opposing currents. This wire weave design lends itself to a more open sonic signature and delivers the perfect blend of detail and clarity.

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    Are SXC 8 cables recommended and available for Solaris SE? It is not clear that they can be ordered from the website.
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    Q Are SXC 8 cables recommended and available for Solaris SE? It is not clear that they can be order...... Read more answer now
    Asked on March 27, 2023 2:59 pm

    This iteration of the SXC 8 is for our Cascade over-ear. The SXC 8 IEM cable will work with your Solaris and is available for purchase. Read more

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4 reviews for SXC 8 Headphone Cable

  1. Nick (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying this cable. It’s absolutely gorgeous and has a great feel, the build quality is really excellent.
    Although it’s a tad microphonic it doesn’t bother me at all, with no music playing I can hear a little noise if it knocks against a button or rubs against its self but it’s quiet enough that I don’t hear it with music playing, even when out for a walk in the neighbourhood.
    Cable memory is something that usually bothers me more than microphonics but the SXC unrolls to be wonderfully straight every time time I take it out, probably because the braiding is very well done and my cable has no annoying kinks.
    In terms of sound I feel the cascades sound more open and the bass is tauter… although that could easily be placebo because I like the look and build of the cable so much.

  2. Dan (verified owner)

    I did some research before taking a leap on (what are to me) expensive cables. Read a lot of articles saying that pricey cables are b.s. and that they don’t change the sound etc. I have to say that the sxc 8’s dramatically improved the sound of the Cascade for me. The sound stage opened significantly and, to me, they sound much better than they did with the stock cable. Build quality is also excellent.

  3. Michael Neeley

    Failed within less than a year. I was gentle with it and the wire pulled out of the left earphone connector. Sound of the cable was great, but build quality is very poor. I have owned many cables and earphones over the years, this is the very first time I have ever had one fail due to poor build quality. I have noticed other QC issues with Campfire/Alo, the materials seem top notch, but the build quality does not match the price bracket. It is out of warrenty, so have a trashed $350 cable now, only after one year of gentle use.

  4. Christo Tchobanov (verified owner)

    Wide and airy staging, crisp detail with notably deeper and tighter baseline. It’s an audible and significant step up from the already good stock cable of the Audiocascades.

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