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2-Pin Litz Cable w/ 3-Button Control + In-Line Mic

Our standard Litz cable
Four conductors of silver-plated copper
2-Pin Earphone Connectors
In-Line Microphone with 3-Button Control

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Our standard 2-Pin Litz cable with 3-Button Control and In-Line Mic. Four conductors of silver-plated copper comprised of individually enameled wires in a flexible and durable jacket.

Technical Specifications


2-Pin Earphone Connectors

Memory Wire for secure placement

Twisted for ease of use


Selected mixed diameter stranding conductors

Silver-plated high purity copper

2 reviews for 2-Pin Litz Cable w/ 3-Button Control + In-Line Mic

  1. yuweiwu55 (verified owner)

    it’s aight

  2. Sean Kim (verified owner)

    I like most of what this cable offers. The cable itself is quite tough and resistant to tangling, connection is solid on both ends, and it’s quite compact. I detect no offputting coloration in the audio signal.

    Two problems. First is the chin strap, that thing is basically useless because it slides around with no tension. Second is the remote, the design needs work. It’s round and uniform, making indexing the controls very difficult to do quickly, and the buttons are tiny and uniform, which eats more time while I’m hunting for the controls.

    The remote should be rectangular with beveled edges and thin sides so that it’s easy to index, and the buttons should be significantly wider with positive indications of functions embedded in the button material to further facilitate navigation. Small finger grooves on the non-button side would also be nice.

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