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Pitchfork Campfire Coverage

And then there’s Portland, Oregon’s Campfire Audio, whose IEMs look not unlike something Tony Stark might invent for Iron Man to wear. The Campfire Audio IO pairs an oversized woofer with a small tweeter and runs their output through what they call their Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber (T.A.E.C.) for “natural and open top-end extension”; the cable is silver-plated copper, and three different styles of tip, in four different sizes, ensure optimum fit (and thus maximum isolation). Stepping up from the IO there’s the Polaris (currently out of stock), for an even more vivid and dynamic sound, and the Andromeda, which David Abravanel calls “easily the most advanced listening tools in my arsenal.” Stephan Mathieu, an experimental musician and veteran mastering engineer in Bonn, Germany, agrees. “I own their Andromeda model, which is fantastic. It’s a great company, much appreciated by the IEM community. I’d recommend the IO but also the Polaris, which is a serious step up. Both models will last long, since they come in great build quality.” – By Philip Sherburne

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