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Orion Review @

Orion Review @ has a detailed and positive review of our Orion:

The Campfire Audio Orion are an incredibly good looking set of earphones and they have the build quality to match.  The styling is in the same mould as that of the more expensive Jupiter IEM’s.  Thats a very good thing.  The entire upper housing of the Orion IEM is made out of milled aluminium in what it seems is 2 pieces held together with 3 hex screws. The minute you get them in hand you know that this is going to be a seriously durable IEM, one that will last you for years of listening pleasure.  Throughout the entire design there are no sign of the cheaper build materials you might find in other similarly priced in ears and to be honest it doesn’t feel too far away from the overall impression that you get from the Jupiter.  The cable on the Orion is another thing they have in common with the Jupiter and Lyra models.  A very nice silver cable with snappy sockets that feel far more robust and long lasting than something like Westone’s 2 pin detachable cables.  There is some cable memory, that should be noted, and while they do remain tangle free they will require some use before they straighten out after a period of being coiled.

On a purely aesthetic standpoint the Orion are one sexy looking set of earphones.  They have presence and a wow factor that will make people ask what you have stuffed in your ears.  In the hand they really do feel premium, yet at the same time they feel incredibly tough and rugged.  For example, I just put the earphones through 2 weeks of hell hitting some insane downhill trails on my big hit mountain bike all over Cyprus.  They were crammed into a full face helmet for the downhills and sweated on profusely on the climbs.  To make things harder on the Orion I had forgotten the carry case and admittedly got lazy by just throwing them straight in the backpack with, bike tools, tubes and a shock pump. They got a fair bit of rattling about when not in m ears and also plenty of exposure to dust and dirt. The result?  Not a damn thing.  The Orion IEM looks brand new and to prove it the pictures you see in this review have all taken after over a month of solid abuse.

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-Campfire Audio

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