Meet the Campfire Crew | Tyler


Customs Specialist, Marketing & Outreach

“As a musician and lifelong lover of music, working at Campfire has been a dream come true! I come to work every day excited to work with a great team and contribute to making such amazing earphones.”

Tyler is one of the most senior members of the Campfire team. Originally from Oklahoma, Tyler moved about the US and eventually landed in Portland in 2013. He’s a very active member of the Portland music scene, playing drums in local bands, and through these connections he became aware of Campfire Audio and joined the team in 2017. 

Channeling his skills learned through tinkering, circuit bending, and synth building, as well as his passion for and background in music, Tyler was well equipped to join Campfire as a production builder. As Campfire expanded into the realm of Custom IEMs, Tyler became instrumental in the development of our CIEM department. Continuing to show his wide range of skills and ability to adapt, he has recently moved into working with our marketing and outreach team, while maintaining his involvement with Customs production. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

“Outside of work I enjoy traveling, camping, exploring the PNW with my dog Ellie, playing music (I drum in some local bands), and crate digging/record collecting.”

Favorite IEM/Music?

“All-time favorite is the Andromeda, though lately I’ve really been enjoying the Honeydew. I use them to listen to Electronic, Jazz, Psych, and Hip-Hop. Brian Eno’s ‘Another Green World,’ and Terry Reilly’s ‘A Rainbow in Curved Air’ sound especially great.”

Favorite animal:

“Birds! They’re fascinating and incredibly intelligent!”

Favorite food:

“Fried Chicken, all kinds but especially Korean Fried Chicken.”

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