Meet the Campfire Crew | Brian


Shipping, Packaging, and Inventory Guru

“As a lover of HiFi audio gear, it is amazing to be a part of a company that makes such incredible products and has such an awesome atmosphere and culture.”

Brian grew up in Santa Clara, California. He came to Portland in 2018 and quickly joined the Campfire team. Brian started out doing Quality Control, meticulously checking parts to make sure they match Campfire’s rigorous standards. These days, Brian takes on a wide range of responsibilities, coordinating Campfire’s shipping and packaging needs, as well as tracking and managing inventory. Always easy-going and helpful, Brian is a crucial part of keeping Campfire running smoothly. If you have earphones from Campfire, it’s a near certainty that they were at some point in Brian’s hands. 

Additionally, you can find him providing morale boosts to the team by sharing a carefully curated selection of memes to combat the midday lull. 

Outside of work Brian enjoys playing video games, with the Dark Souls franchise being among his favorites. He also enjoys hiking, craft beer tasting, and listening to music. 

Favorite IEM: Classic Solaris for electronic, metal, and video game soundtracks

Favorite Animal: Raccoon

Favorite Food: Mussaman Curry

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