Meet the Campfire Crew | Aubree


Manager of Production, Sole Member of the Party-Planning Committee

Aubree is a Philadelphia native who lived briefly in Minneapolis, and is a proud Portlander of 10 years. They have been on the Campfire team for 5 years, and brought a background and love of small parts production with them. 

Originally brought in to work in packaging, Aubree used their hobby of soldering and previous production experience to quickly shift toward building. Through a natural evolution, passion for organization, and a great deal of persistence, Aubree would go on to create and shape the production department of Campfire, and assume the role of Production Manager. For several years Aubree has been Campfire’s Production Manager, captaining the production team and coordinating with other departments of Campfire to help maintain a high level of quality and bring new innovations to full-scale production. 

I feel so lucky to have made so many amazing friends here and help cultivate a loving work environment where everyone’s opinions are heard and valued.

What do you like to do outside of work?

“Hang out with my amazing wife and our goofy cat. I love to travel and trying all the new things. Going to the local watering holes and playing pinball! Going to shows or DJ nights around town.  Also I’m still obsessed with Pokemon: Sword on Nintendo Switch, I’ve almost caught them all!!” 

Favorite IEM/Music?

“Solstice. Mine are modded to have a glitter cap rather than the plain silver which I love. Favorite music is Post Punk, Classical, or podcasts!” 

Favorite animal:

“Rats! But I love all the animals and would especially like to make it my life’s work to personally hug every dog. Also my cat Lotte, because I’m afraid of what would happen if she found out I didn’t list her as my favorite, so please don’t tell her I said anything else!”

Stay tuned to our blog as we introduce you to the rest of the awesome people that make up the Campfire team!

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