Jupiter Review on Audiophieon

Audiophileon gives a comprehensive and glowing review of our Jupiter:

“There is no doubt at all in my mind that the Campfire Audio Jupiter are one of the world’s best sounding in ear headphones right now.”

“The overall signature of the Jupiter is neutral in the sense that there is no domination of one frequency over another yet it still has the slightest hint of warmth not thick and lush like the Lyra were but enough to take away an overly cold and clinical presentation. Clarity is phenomenal with the earphones displaying incredible speed so as to spit out sound, however complicated the track, without any congestion or frequency bleed.  The Jupiter are incredibly detailed, if a sound is there you can rest assured that you are going to hear it. “

Read the full review here: www.audiophileon.com/news/campfire-audio-jupiter-review-iem-audiophile-on


-Campfire Audio

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