In-Ear Monitors for Vocalists

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What to look for in an in-ear monitor for vocalists:

  • Clarity and distinction across the frequency spectrum
  • Clear, detailed highs and mids without sibilance
  • Warmth and accuracy in the frequency range most commonly occupied by vocals
  • Isolation to prevent excessive ambient bleed-through
  • Clarity and separation in monitoring of other on-stage performers
  • Wide range of motion to allow for free movement about the stage and expressive performance

Satsuma offers clear, pristine high and mid frequencies that are so crucial for hearing an accurate representation of your voice. Its bass response is restrained and even-keeled, giving you the detail and accuracy that is crucial for monitoring your vocal performances.

With a compact, lightweight form factor, Satsuma remains comfortable throughout your performance.

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A true reference earphone to its core. Holocene will provide a superior experience with its revealing, accurate, and detailed sonic signature. Its configuration of 3 custom balanced armatures creates an expansive soundstage, separating and articulating instruments and vocals. Its true-to-signal representation will give you the accurate reflection of your vocal performances.

With its machined aluminum housing Holocene is a durable and road-worthy, and its glow-in-the-dark accents makes them easy to find and keep track of when playing darker venues.

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Andromeda is a world-renowned flagship of Campfire Audio, and excels at presenting detail and clarity across the frequency spectrum. With an astounding soundstage Andromeda creates separation and articulation that is unparalleled. Hear every detail with photographic realism. Andromeda’s performance in the vocal range is truly ideal for vocalists.

Andromeda’s machined aluminum housing and astounding sound signature, make it an indispensable part of any musicians toolkit.

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Campfire Audio’s Ara is an ideal IEM for vocalists that want premium sound quality, with an understated and rock-sold build quality. Ara features a 7-driver configuration that has soaring highs, rich, defined mids, and restrained, yet impactful bass response. Ara presents your mix accurately, yet brings an emotive sound signature that allows the performer to truly engage with their music.

Ara features a titanium enclosure that is sleek and solid. Coupled with our Solid-Body internal build it will always be there and ready to elevate your performances.

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Solstice is the ultimate in function and sonic performance for stage and studio, sparkling clarity and detail from bass through high frequencies. Incredible soundstage allows breathing room for all instruments/vocals being monitored. Solstice is truly the paramount IEM for vocalists.

Fit exactly to the shape of your inner-ear, our “artist fit” CIEM creates premium isolation, fit, and security, so you can perform boldly, and confidently.

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