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In-Ear Monitors for Producers

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What to look for in an in-ear monitor for production:

  • High levels of detail and resolution
  • Neutral, accurate representation of your mix
  • Great soundstage to hear the space created in your mix
  • Isolation of your track from the outside world

Satsuma is a great entry level IEM for producers. It features a balanced, clear presentation from its full-range custom driver. With sparkling highs, and defined mid and low range, you will hear an accurate picture of your mix.

With a lightweight, durable housing Satsuma will provide high levels of comfort for wearing during extended sessions.

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Holocene is a pure reference earphone that offers a presentation that is true to your mix. With stunning clarity, detail and resolution, Holocene offers photographic realism and premium soundstage.

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Andromeda is a long-standing flagship of Campfire Audio, renowned for its clarity, soundstage, and resolution. First created in 2015, Andromeda 2020 incorporates advances in our production technology to further refine and improve its performance. Andromeda offers an astounding soundstage, stunning highs, rich mids, and tight, yet punchy bass response.

Andromeda is an ideal companion for any production application.

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Ara brings another level of clarity, soundstage, and liveliness to you monitors. With a slightly less analytical approach than Andromeda, it provides an engaging and expressive sonic signature that will connect you to your tracks like never before.

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Solstice is the paramount IEM for all production applications. Its 5 frequency specific, balanced armatures create a sonic presentation that is immaculate from bass to highs. Couple its astounding sound signature, with custom fit unique to your ear specifically and it creates an experience that will elevate your enjoyment of the production process as well as your mixes.

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