In-Ear Monitors for Drummers

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What to look for in an in-ear monitor for drummers:

  • Low end extension, to allow for impactful kick
  • Soundstage and separation articulation of kit-pieces
  • Clear, reserved high-end to temper shrillness in cymbals
  • Isolation to prevent excessive ambient bleed-through
  • Clarity in monitoring of other on-stage performers

Honeydew features exceptional low-end extension, creating unmatched punch in an entry-level IEM. Its single, full-range dynamic driver, creates a warm and reserved mid to high frequency response.

Honeydew also features a lightweight plastic housing that is exceedingly comfortable and allows for a long wear and wide range of motion.

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Mammoth has a punchy low-end that is tight and resolving. Its hybrid design is equipped with custom drivers made specifically for the low, mid, and high frequencies respectively. This allows for separation of not only different parts of your kit, but other on stage musicians as well.

Its machined aluminum housing makes it a road worthy, durable IEM that won’t let you down on tour. Its glow accented shell and accessories help you find them quickly in dark venues.

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Vega 2020 comes equipped with a full range dynamic driver that creates great low-end extension, while the density its ceramic shell helps to keep it tempered, resulting in a bass response that is punchy and impactful, yet tight and responsive.

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Dorado 2020 Features the best of all worlds; deep responsive low end, and great clarity and separation in the upper registers. Dorado’s hybrid design creates an engaging and emotive sound while still providing just enough of an analytical eye to provide a clear image of the instruments being monitored.

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Andromeda is a world-renowned flagship of Campfire Audio, and excels at presenting detail and clarity across the frequency spectrum. Its superior soundstage leaves abundant space for all instruments, band mates, and individual pieces of your kit simultaneously. Hear every detail with photographic realism.

Andromeda’s machined aluminum housing and solid body design make it a durable, road-worthy companion.

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Equinox brings your monitoring for studio and stage into the upper echelons of professional gear, with immense low-end extension, and impactful, warm mids and highs.

Made custom to an impression of your inner-ear, Equinox is made exclusively for you. And with our “artist fit” option you’ll experience the ultimate in isolation, and security, and comfort.

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Solstice is the ultimate in function and sonic performance for stage and studio, sparkling clarity and detail from bass through high frequencies. Incredible soundstage allows breathing room for all instruments/vocals being monitored.

Fit exactly to the shape of your inner-ear, our “artist fit” CIEM creates premium isolation, fit, and security, so you can perform boldly, and confidently.

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