Headfonics | Honeydew Review

“This summer, the annual Campfire launch included 4 new IEMs, split into roughly two groups of which one group of 2 was an entry-level refresh.

This included the Honeydew…

The Honeydew is an out-and-out basshead IEM. However, it is not a true V-shaped sound signature nor is it as polarized in terms of amplitude at either end of the frequency response.

It is indeed sub-bass heavy with plenty of low-end warmth seeping into the mids timbre. And yes, it does have a concerted 2-3k dip as you would expect from V-shaped responses so some vocal performances are not overly forward sounding.

However, the upper mids and treble are where the Honeydew feels different from the regular v-shaped sound signature. It is not as sharp or as forced sounding as some competing monitors that profess to also be v-shaped such as Periodic Audio’s Titanium.

Yet it still has plenty of energy and clarity right up to around 8-9k preventing midrange timbre from sounding dull or veiled over. However, it is really important to get the pairing right with the Honeydew.”

Read the full, in-depth write-up, here.

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