Headfonics | Mammoth Review

“…the sound of the Mammoth is a return to the general ‘rock’ vibe of the original Polaris and less of the overtly basshead V-shape of the Polaris 2. What I mean by that is that the Mammoth low-end is strong but sounds a bit more balanced and punchier making it more suitable to a wider range of genres compared to the more voluptuous wall of bass that was the Polaris 2.

The overall tone is smooth, natural to warm with a rounded timbral feel from a relaxed treble performance. This is a coloration built from the base upwards and that is where your ear will gravitate when the low-end starts to get busy.

Having said that, the additional BA over the Polaris 2 does allow CA to deliver a more complete midrange that was lacking over the predecessor. There is some forwardness there that allows both vocal and midrange instrumentation a bit more space and presence to shine.”

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