Forbes | Honeydew Review

“Campfire Audio’s Honeydew wired earphones are a delight and were a pleasure to audition. The way they handled dynamic music with verve and energy was infectious. Somehow, they manage to make music more exciting and nuanced but without signs of the distortion that some wireless earbuds produce. They’re especially stable and clear, even at higher volume levels. The over-the-ear fit of the Honeydew is comfortable and perfect for people who like to listen to music while exercising without hearing any of those annoying vibrations that can travel up a cable connection when moving around. The well-balanced sound of the Honeydew will please anyone who likes a bit more warmth is their music. If you love your music, the Honeydew earphones from Campfire Audio are a great way to get more from your favorite tunes.”

Mark Sparrow

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