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Excitement Engine –> Ohm Image

New images of Andromeda @ Ohm Image –>

“Andromeda is Jupiter tweaked and finessed. Fastening hardware is now edgier, anodising is way smoother, case lines are more precise. Gone is its clinky tinsel cable. In its stead is something pliable, non-microphonic, and more comfy.”

“And best of all, Andromeda tweaks Jupiter’s carefree midrange into something wider, more aggressive and higher-reaching. Something much brighter into the highs and airier into the mids. It’s like classic Grado-emotion crashed into K10-midrange-airiness crashed into Jupiter-good-taste. It’s Jupiter with run through a carefully honed midrange excitement engine. Beautiful.”

Ohm Image – Andromeda Images

Looks awesome!  But that is par for the course with Ohm Image :)

Nice Job!

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