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Lyra Reviewed by noted Japanese audio reviewer Sasaki san

Review from noted Japanese audio reviewer Sasaki san: 新しいイヤフォン・ヘッドフォンのブランドが誕生しました。ALOのKen Ballが立ち上げたCampfire Audioです。日本ではミックスウエーブさんが取り扱いします。 本稿はその第一弾であるハイエンドクラスのダイナミック型イヤフォン、Lyraのレビューです。 Read full review here:



Inearspace – Beryllium for Bass

Some review highlights; “Oooh a new brand? In image yes, but in brains, not quite. Ken Ball of ALO Audio has had his hands dirty building (a) Campfire, just as he has done with ALO…



Lyra – Bassy and Melodic had an early preview of our Lyra, pre-production; “Digitalism’s I Love You Dude is alternately bassy and melodic. At times it even gushes. It’s not as moving as aM’s KNEwwaVE, or as hard-hitting as…

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