Campfire Audio Lyra Review: I Think I Just Found My Grail!

Scott Burnside @ Audiophile On writes:

Music, when played through the Lyra really comes alive.  It’s intimate and engaging with vocals and instruments rendered beautifully.  I don’t know exactly what the process was in tuning the Lyra but to myself it seems like it was a passion project and someone who really loves there music has spent countless hours refining the end presentation.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a tonne of measuring and tweaking has been done to get it to this point and whoever put in those long hours my hat is off to you, this is a stellar bit of work.

The Campfire Audio Lyra’s presentation is an intimate one with just over a touch of warmth to its signature.  Its smooth, incredibly smooth, with nary a hint of sibilance and a highly impressive textured / layered bass response.  Its an engaging sound, one that will draw you in and make you forget about any sort of critical listening, this is an IEM to enjoy your music with first and foremost.  Soundstage is large in both depth and width alike but it is a good few rows back as opposed to a fully back of the room experience.  Hiss and background noise is non existent even when used with a range of sources such as my JDS 02, Aurender FlowFiio X1Oppo HA-1 or even myBlackberry Passport I was left alone with nothing but my music in an infinitely black background. Imaging is incredible and one of the strongest points of the Lyra which makes it easy to identify and specially define the position of a performer. This latter point was startlingly evident when listening to Ludovico Einaudi Live at the Albert Hall, even with an accompanying orchestra ability to isolate and identify notes and instruments was thoroughly enjoyable.  Finally, before we get into the frequency specifics we should mention the decay and timbre which were portrayed by the Lyra as good or better than any other earphone I have heard.  Notes break down pass away beautifully and if you haven’t heard an earphone that is strong in those qualities you are truly missing out especially if you are fans of acoustic, jazz or classical music.

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-Campfire Audio

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