Campfire Audio Dorado – Energetic

Read Full Review Here: Accessible Audio – Campfire Audio Dorado – Energetic

“Campfire Audio has hit it out of the ballpark with every single one of their releases ever since their humble beginnings with the Orion, Lyra, and Jupiter. They’ve showcased their ability to provide amazing sonic quality regardless of driver configuration by employing innovative technologies such as tubeless resonator chambers, showing a stalwart defiance to the idea that the only way to increase quality is by doubling and tripling the amount of balanced armatures.”

“With the Campfire Audio Dorado, they’ve showcased their willingness to even further expand their repertoire by employing a hybrid 1DD2BA configuration, and as someone who’s been a long time fan of hybrid IEMs, I have to say they have another winner on their hands.”


– Hard hitting, “V shaped” sound with powerful dynamic driver bass and exceptional highs provided by the dual high balanced armatures
– Generally very well resolved sound throughout the entire frequency range
– Seamless blending of the crossover between the dynamic driver and balanced armatures
– Tiny housing will fit most ears
– Liquid metal alloy housing has amazing build quality


– Bass frequency range is tuned to be a little boomy; slight bleed over into mids
– The mids aren’t the most detailed
– The nozzle is quite long and wide, this might not be a snug “nestled in the ear” fit for everyone

Read Full Review Here: Accessible Audio – Campfire Audio Dorado – Energetic

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