Bass: A Low-End Theory

Sound is not often described as a physical experience; the sense of hearing is difficult to relate but we know that it differs from touch. To feel sound requires the sound being produced to exist at a frequency near or below the limits of human hearing. In these depths of the frequency spectrum lives BASS.


Bass, in technical terms, is a frequency that exists between 60Hz and 250Hz. Anything below this range is considered sub-bass and is often felt, more than it is heard. The human voice is capable of creating bass frequencies, and so are a number of instruments and devices humans have invented to further plumb the depths of BASS.

Before the days of drivers and amplification, long columns of air or long strings were usually required to produce low bass frequencies. Large instruments such as the double bass and the bassoon were the only acoustic instruments capable of producing such low frequencies, both relying heavily on large volumes of air to assist in the process. As recorded music began to replace groups of musicians performing in a live setting, speaker drivers built to enhance low-end response (aka woofers) became the norm in many hi-fi stereo setups. Today, bass frequencies can be recreated using devices small enough to fit in your ear – no large volumes of air, massive woofers, or Christoffian levels of operatic talent required.


Boris Christoff

Driving the rhythm, bass adds a level of visceral impact to the beat. Bass can be felt in the pounding of the kick drum, and the groove of the bass line. Digital and analog synthesizers allow modern electronic dance musicians to explore new territories in bass formerly unknown to their disco progenitors. Music is no longer an art form observable in a single dimension, technology has provided us with a new level of tangibility.

Whether you’re a drummer, a basshead, or a reference audiophile seeking a life-changing low-end experience, we’ve got you covered. Check out our comparison guide to help determine which Campfire Audio product has the low-end bass response you seek.


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