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Justrest Review of Andromeda

Andromeda Review @ Justrest: Andromeda is one of the best IEM that I had ever have, in terms of upper frequencies. Trebles are extremely detailed and bright, mids are relatively back and bass are strong…



Headphonesty – Orion Review

Here is a new Orion review that is worth a read. “At $349, the Orion is a spectacular IEM with excellent build, great accessories, and awesome sound quality. If you are in the market for…



“Campfire Audio Polaris: V for Victory”

From B9Scrambler published on and his own audio blog “thecontraptionsit”: “The artwork on the Polaris’ packaging is stunning in it’s simplicity, and entirely coherent with the brands celestial naming scheme. The front of the…



“The “Basshead Audiophile” King!”

From Hisoundfi published on “Vega’s bass robust and has tremendous extension. The low end is outrageously good for an in-ear monitor. They take the term “basshead audiophile” and emphasize both words with this product.…



RMAF 2017

Come visit us at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest – CanJam 2017! Below is a clip from Jude’s preview video. We hope to see you there this weekend!

Vega by Campfire Audio



Vega on

Read the full review here: “The “fun sound” and the “audiophile sound” often stand in direct opposition to one another. On one hand, your fun-sounding gear has an extra heap of bass down low,…



Campfire Audio Dorado – Energetic

Read Full Review Here: Accessible Audio – Campfire Audio Dorado – Energetic “Campfire Audio has hit it out of the ballpark with every single one of their releases ever since their humble beginnings with the…



Concerning Counterfeit Products

Notice Regarding Counterfeit Campfire Audio Products It has come to our attention that there are counterfeit Campfire Audio being sold in China.  While initial reports show that these counterfeits are poor imitations of our earphones,…

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