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Ken Ball started Audio Line Out in 2009, hand-building some of the most excellent niche audio cables in the world. His efforts grew that company from his basement into ALO audio; of the most well-regarded names in personal audio. A long line of successful amplifiers and cables spread and cemented that reputation, which remains firmly in place today.

Campfire Audio springs from the same passionate focus on refined audio reproduction as ALO audio. With a small team of highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople, we continuously experiment with materials and techniques to create something unique and special for the people who care most about it. With determination and focus, prototypes turn into world-class earphones. Each model in our earphone line is designed and assembled by hand in our Portland, Oregon workshop; our earphones are second to none in performance and finish.

As our development continues we refined our original ideas and prototypes into our current model lineup. Each earphone is the culmination of countless iterations, hours of listening and rigorous performance testing.

Rest assured that when you purchase a Campfire Audio earphone, you are the proud owner of a world-class earphone from a company that confidently stands behind the products it creates.

Product Releases


Fall: Jupiter, Orion, Lyra


Spring:  Andromeda, Nova

Fall: Lyra II, Dorado, Vega


Spring:  Polaris

Summer: Andromeda (Snow White – Hong Kong Limited)

Fall: Andromeda (Iceberg – Japan Limited), Andromeda (Pacific Blue – USA Limited)


Spring: IO, Polaris II, Andromeda (2019)

Summer: Andromeda (Gold Special Edition – Limited)

Fall: Andromeda (MW10 – Japan Limited), c/2019 Q4 (Japan Limited)

Winter: Solaris (Special Edition – Limited), Solstice (CIEM)

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