May 2016



Andromeda Review @ Audio-Head

Andromeda review by Audio-Head: “Wonderment and awe are still out there. Those seeking a bit more from their music can likely find it from a solid audio source and the new flagship piece from Campfire.…



Excitement Engine –> Ohm Image

New images of Andromeda @ Ohm Image –> “Andromeda is Jupiter tweaked and finessed. Fastening hardware is now edgier, anodising is way smoother, case lines are more precise. Gone is its clinky tinsel cable. In…



HeadPie Andromeda Review

First review for the Andromeda by Damon @ Headpie:   “The build of the Campfire Audio Andromeda is exquisite. Seemingly a classic in the making and its overall look and design. The quality of the…

New! Campfire Audio T-shirt

Heavy Weight Cotton Pocket T-shirt. This shirt is union made from American cotton. “All Over Logo” pocket pattern is screen printed in Portland, Oregon.

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